Veltec Networks, Inc. Provides Reliable and Responsive IT Support during Glassbeam’s Office Relocation

When machine data analytics company Glassbeam was struggling with unreliable technology infrastructure within their office, they required a managed service provider who could move their office to another more convenient location with minimal downtime.

Responsive IT Support

Veltec Networks, Inc., A Bay Area network IT services and support company, was founded in 2007 and currently serves businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Veltec, we proactively create worry-free IT solutions for our clients while acting as their personal offsite IT department.

The Challenge:

Glassbeam was looking to move their development lab from their office to a co-location facility, which involved moving the servers, as well as setting up an entirely new network and point-to-point tunnels between their offshore office, colocation and their US office.

The Solution:

After Veltec Networks, Inc. relocated Glassbeam’s office to a co-location facility, we implemented VMWare to virtualize the companies IT infrastructure; which enabled their computers to run multiple operating systems and applications.

We also implemented CentOS and RH, along with some standalone servers. In total, we added three new servers and deployed Juniper FW to ensure maximum safety. We also established tunnels to their other offices in Sunnyvale and Bangalore, India. We have tested every aspect of the company’s technology infrastructure as well, in order to ensure completion and security.

The Results:

While Glassbeam hired Veltec Networks, Inc. primarily for the move, they were extremely happy with the results. According to Glassbeam, “they [Veltec Networks, Inc.] are very reliable and responsive, they go out of their way to do the work.”

About Glassbeam

Glassbeam assists companies with making sense of machine data by providing a platform and a variety of apps to reduce support costs, improve products, and increase service revenues. With Glassbeam, companies can know about any support issues before their customers do. Glassbeam automatically gathers product information and categorizes it, so support organizations can focus on resolution.

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