The financial impact that a security breach can have on a small business is devastating, to say the least.

financial risk

The number of cyber security breaches that are aimed at businesses of any size, grow exponentially every year. Criminal’s software is becoming increasingly advanced, making it difficult for small business owners to protect themselves.

Recently we’ve witnessed security breaches within large corporations such as Target and Home Depot – just try to imagine the financial impact of such a colossal violation.

Everyday there are hundreds of small to large businesses who lose vital information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and client names – all thrown into the hands of an immoral stranger.

In 2014 there was a reported $2.7 million lost globally from small businesses. Keep in mind, this is only the financial loss – your reputation will sting even more. A major breach will cause your customers to lose their trust in you very quickly. They will begin to see you as an incapable business leader.

It can be hard to quantify the ongoing cost of small business security breaches, but one thing is for certain – unprotected, your company has a high risk of being targeted by these masterminds.

Moving to a strategic mindset

Now that you’ve seen the numbers associated with a security breach within a small, or even large business – it is your responsibility to take action. Implement a security strategy today. Call a reputable IT company. DO SOMETHING NOW.

A well-designed security breach program can completely eliminate the risk, and will prepare your team with the know-how in the case of an emergency.

Your network security is integral to your company’s future growth. Only with a proactive approach can your company be secure of any potential risks.

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