Innovative Solutions for the 4 Biggest IT Challenges Faced by Small & Mid-Sized Businesses in San Jose & The Bay Area

Small and mid-sized businesses face stiff competition these days in order to stay both relevant and competitive. Every penny counts, and you have to not only make sure your dollars are well-spent, but also your TIME.

Information technology can be a challenge for businesses of any size.

The quality of your IT services and solutions can make all the difference between time well-spent and time wasted. But how can you ensure that you’re using the right information technology to meet your needs while remaining within your budget?

Veltec Networks has the solution. We offer guidance and leadership for small and mid-sized businesses in San Jose and the Bay Area, focused on delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for the IT issues that matter to your business. Read on to learn about the common IT problems that we provide solutions to, or call us at (408) 849-4441 to discuss how our solutions impact YOUR business.


Problem: Many smaller businesses are especially vulnerable to data theft and hacking attacks because they do not possess strong enough IT security. Many businesses have already been compromised and aren’t even aware of it.

Solution: We offer vulnerability testing and comprehensive email & network security to keep your business safe from cybercrime. We’ll analyze your defenses internally, looking for aging technology, missed steps, loopholes, backdoors, and other weak points, and then examine your systems externally using hacker techniques to see if we can break through your defenses. Once we’ve determined where you’re vulnerable, we can apply affordable and targeted IT security solutions including anti-spam and anti-virus, properly configured firewalls and password management, and user authentication protocols.


Problem: Technology can be expensive, particularly if you have an unplanned network of devices not designed to complement one another. You risk costs not only in dollars spent on equipment and services, but also in time management and potential business opportunities.

Solution: Our virtual CIO service is designed to help you make strategic choices when it comes to your information technology investments. We’ll analyze your business needs, operations, and budget to help create a detailed IT strategy focused on procuring and implementing the right IT to meet your needs. We’ll discuss leveraging innovative solutions like the cloud in order to cut down on costs, streamline your services, and focus on improving productivity and efficiency.


Problem: A modern business isn’t confined to the office anymore. You and your employees may need to work from home or out on the go meeting vendors and clients or making sales. Your technology needs to be able to follow.

Solution: The cloud provides easy access and mobility for your files and applications. We can help you leverage file sharing and remote office solutions, as well as hosted applications and desktops, mobile device management, hosted VoIP telephone services, and more, so you can work when and where you need to.

Potential Data Disasters

Problem: Any level of disaster, whether as serious as an earthquake destroying your office or as simple as an accidentally deleted file, can cause serious problems for a small or mid-sized business if it’s not prepared.

Solution: Our backups and business continuity planning helps you prepare for the unexpected. We focus on backing up not only your files, but also your operating system(s), applications, servers, settings, and more – so if you need to restore your data you can easily access all the IT systems you use every day. We also help you plan for quick responses in the face of disaster, so you can focus on quick recovery.

The team at Veltec Networks is professional, motivated, skilled, and experienced. Most importantly, they care about the success of your business. Keep Your Business Up and Running! Contact Veltec Networks today to learn how our strategic planning and innovative solutions can benefit YOUR business.

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