Business Continuity Services

Veltec Networks provides business continuity solutions and data recovery services for large and small organizations.

Business Continuity Services

We Offer Reliable Business Continuity Solutions To Maximize Business Uptime

  • Do you want to maintain normal business operations amid a disruption?
  • Do you need long-term resilience that defend your business against operational interruptions?
  • Are you looking to level-up data protection for your business?

Many organizations tend to ignore business continuity when creating IT recovery plans. Contingency planning is essential with the rise of cybersecurity in today’s business world. Building resilient operations allows businesses to thrive as tech challenges keep growing.

Veltec Networks offers business continuity solutions that equip your organization to overcome any system disruptions. Our proven processes help you function optimally through virtually any disaster. We deliver state-of-the-art systems to provide customized business continuity services that match your specific business requirements. We offer comprehensive services that include assessments, implementation, testing, and maintenance, helping you maintain business operations 24/7.

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Veltec Networks provides business continuity solutions and data recovery services for large and small organizations.

How Can Your Organization benefit From Our Business Continuity Solutions?

Count on our expert team to increase your resilience and minimize your risk level. We perform in-depth capability assessments that reveal your current business continuity state. Our cybersecurity experts use industry best practices and standards to assess your existing solutions. Find comprehensive findings and recommendations to enhance the maturity of your recovery programs. We can also help you identify threats through our threat and risk assessment solutions.

Veltec Networks performs security assessments that identify critical risk and exposure areas. Our tech team provides prioritized recommendations that boost your security solutions. We can help you design comprehensive recovery plans that address outages on your business operations. With our business continuity solutions, your business can minimize compliance costs while improving your recovery efforts. We focus on key business processes, helping you make the most of your technology assets.

Our solutions deliver multiple business benefits, including:

  • Proactive cybersecurity monitoring to stop cyberattacks
  • Compliance with your industry’s regulations
  • Prevent data loss with real-time data replications
  • Strategic cybersecurity support to create tailor-made solutions
  • 24/7 monitoring and management solutions
  • Ongoing support from experienced technicians

Business Continuity Solutions

Veltec Networks offers scalable business continuity solutions, helping you prioritize investments. Count on our expert team to walk you through essential processes, including program assessment, business impact analysis, recovery strategy selection, and recovery plan creation. We deliver:

Business Impact Analysis

Let us help you align your business requirements with IT recovery capabilities. We’ll analyze your existing recovery strategy options and determine the impacts of downtime on different business processes. From our analyses, we’ll work with your in-house team to create target recovery time objectives that’ll guide your business continuity efforts. We offer:

  • Real-time data for better business analysis
  • Best-in-class reporting tools
  • Regular status updates

Managed Backup Solutions

Our expert team helps to safeguard business-critical data and minimizes data loss in the event of a disaster. We’ll configure your backups correctly and test them regularly to help you meet compliance standards. Our proactive backup and restoration solutions help to minimize costly downtime. Count on us for:

  • Simple, streamlined backup solutions
  • Enhanced recovery processes
  • Reduced system downtime

Ongoing Business Continuity Support

At Veltec Networks, we understand that the effectiveness of your business continuity strategy depends on consistent support. We offer ongoing business continuity plan maintenance to ensure that your processes meet your current and future business needs. We perform annual plan and business impact analysis updates, enabling you to maintain business operations 24/7. Our expert team also provides:

  • Training and awareness programs
  • Scenario-based testing facilitation
  • Stand-by assistance to resolve emerging issues

Protect Your Business from Costly Downtime with Robust Business Continuity Solutions

Since 2007, Veltec Networks has delivered top-notch cybersecurity solutions for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our business continuity solutions help you prepare your business for any unplanned disaster. Get in touch with our security experts today!

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