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SPT Microtechnologies USA, Inc.

SPT Technologies USA, Inc. produces oxidation, diffusion, LPCVD and APCVD technologies for semiconductor, power, MEMS, III-V and packaging applications.

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Hardware Manufacturer Book

Hardware Manufacturer

As Popular as Windows and iOS operating systems are, they’re not always the best choice. Businesses operating in highly specialized industries often have technical engineers…

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OutForce LLC Book

OutForce LLC

For the past 13 years, OutForce LLC has helped high-tech start-up companies get off the ground and grow into prosperous entities. They provide them accounting and business-management advice, and venture…

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Bay Area Church Book

Bay Area Church

A church in the east bay trusts Veltec Networks to setup a reliable wireless network to enhance the experience for those who attend services.

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GreenSand Networks Book

GreenSand Networks

When GreenSand Networks decided to outsource their IT, Veltec Networks upgraded, optimized and secured their infrastructure, giving them the room they needed to grow as a business.

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Glassbeam Book


Glassbeam assists companies with making sense of machine data by providing a platform and a variety of apps to reduce support costs, improve products, and increase service…

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