Are You Looking to Outsource Your San Jose IT Support Services?

You Don’t Need To Look Any Further Than San Jose IT Experts, Veltec Networks.

Veltec Networks delivers the “highest level” of IT services available.  We eliminate the headaches associated with poor IT service. We deploy and host e-business, security, disaster-recovery, cloud computing, and business-continuity solutions for the mission-critical applications that power your business. 

Veltec Networks provides the missing piece of the IT puzzle by providing a full-spectrum of IT services. 

  • Hiring and training IT staff can be very expensive, and your human resources should be focused where you need them most. With Veltec, you’ll have a team of highly certified IT experts, as opposed to a single person who may or may not have up-to-date qualifications.
  • Similar to saving on the expenses of hiring and training an IT staff, you don’t have to supply us with healthcare coverage or other benefits. You also don’t have to buy us a cellphone, laptop, or any other office supplies or equipment.
  • Our staff has the proper industry training and certifications. When you outsource your business IT support to Veltec Networks, your return on investment is much greater because you benefit from the collective experience and knowledge of a team of highly qualified IT professionals.
  • Your information technology must be up and running at all times, in order to avoid the costly consequences of downtime. We don’t take vacations, and we never call in sick. We never have “personal problems” that get in the way of our duties, so your IT can always run efficiently and your staff can be productive no matter what.
  • Every business investment involves a certain amount of risk. Markets, government regulations, competition, financial conditions, and technologies are evolving quickly. When you outsource your IT to Veltec Networks, we assume and manage most of this risk for you, with specific industry knowledge regarding security and compliance issues.
  • While we never get bored or create make-work projects that interfere with business, we do have the resources to start new IT projects quickly when needed. Handling IT projects in-house can involve weeks, or even months hiring and training the right people. Veltec saves your business time and money with our knowledge and time saving ability.

Veltec Networks Will Be Your Dedicated IT Department.

Stop looking for a costly, inefficient, and time-consuming “computer guy.”  Put your trust in a rock-solid outsourced IT company in San Jose and the Bay Area.  Call Veltec Networks at (855) 583-5832 to book a no-obligation review of your business systems, and we’ll put our team to work for you!

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