Are You One Of The Lucky Ones Who Haven’t Had A Security Breach?

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Computer Security

We hate to burst your bubble, but luck just isn’t enough when it comes to protecting your business. If you’re not prepared when there’s a breach in your security, you’ll face downtime, lost wages, and diminished trust with your clients. Companies need more protection now than ever, because cybercriminals are getting smarter and using cunning ways to get what they want, and you rely on technology to keep your business functioning at its peak.

Security Wherever You Do Business

  • We know that the way you get work done today is different than ever before – that’s why the way you set up your security needs to be changing too.
  • Getting your PCs protected is crucial but they’re not the only tools that you and your employees are using to work. You’re constantly on the move and completing tasks from multiple locations, so mobile devices are used to keep up.
  • Any device used in the office or outside of work to view business information needs to be protected. Data is stolen all the time because employees lose laptops or phones which store confidential client information. We’ll talk to you about two-factor authentication and remote wiping capabilities, two new and innovative ways to protect your devices.

Online Safety

  • It might seem that with the complexity of cyberattacks today firewalls and other basic tools are useless, but that’s not a fact. They all play an important part in keeping your system safe and helping to detect and stop issues.
  • Is your business properly equipped with anti-spam and anti-virus tools and malware protection? If not, that’s a great first step. Working online can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Employees need to be educated about safe online activity – what to look out for in emails, not to click on unknown links, websites to stay off of, and so on.

Protection For Your Future

  • Business continuity plans are crafted to ensure your business isn’t crippled by a security breach. Your data, contacts, applications, and files will be backed up and secured so they’re always accessible when you need them.

To get in contact with a company that will make sure you’ve got more than just luck on your side when it comes to security, reach out to Veltec Networks at or by phone at (408) 849-4441.

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