How Can Your Business Benefit From Azure Virtual Desktop Technologies?

On Azure Virtual Desktop, companies can deploy platform-specific features that utilize integrated compliance and security capabilities to deliver a safer and more productive user experience.

Azure Virtual Desktop Technologies

Much of our world has been significantly altered over the past decades, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic bringing the most dramatic change ever. With the necessity of lengthy lockdowns, businesses and other organizations had to find a way to continue their operations safely, and the virtual space found its big break. Virtual workspaces have held up world economies over the last two years and don’t seem to be trailing off any time soon. Conversely, big tech is moving further towards developing the virtual field with Facebook pioneering Metaverse development. As the world reopens and the physical workspace gets ready to receive workers again, over 90% of Americans are not keen to revert to the traditional work schedule. Recent years have seen over 80% of businesses requiring employees to use their personal devices in the course of their work.

The virtual work environment encourages a better work-life balance for your employees, maximizes employee productivity, reduces time spent on commutes to the office, and reduces physical infrastructure and maintenance costs. You can also acquire from a wider talent pool as your potential hires are not limited to specific regions.

This mentality shift in the workplace is a unique opportunity for enterprises to repurpose their business operations towards benefiting both employers and employees. With this shift, corporates are now in urgent need of virtual desktop technologies.

Consulting with a professional technology services firm will enable you to effectively implement Azure Virtual Desktops alongside other IT solutions that can help streamline your business operations. Veltec Networks is a premier technology firm based out of San Jose’s Bay Area with diverse interests in virtual technologies, cyber security, among other technology solutions. We continually look to partner with small and middle-sized enterprises to meet their technological needs. Reach out to us for quality service.

What Is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a tool that features the integration of hardware, software, and cloud computing services to establish a virtual computing platform. These technologies are curated towards providing a similar experience to a desktop or laptop on any device at any location. This enables you to access your files, apps, and settings from any location on any device.
Azure Virtual Desktop is flexible, easy to install, configure, and scale, thus adjusting quickly to your dynamic business needs. This virtual desktop conveniently gives employees secured access to the critical information and workplace applications needed to run a solid business wherever they go. As the virtual desktop transcends the physical computer, it allows enterprises and organizations to conduct their business anywhere, at whatever time, and on any device.

What Makes Azure Desktop Unique?

Virtual desktop solutions have been expensive and complex in the past, making it hard for businesses to set them up and manage. Generally, businesses needed a much more extensive server infrastructure to run a virtual desktop but didn’t have adequate resources to manage them independently. However, Azure Desktop uses cloud technology which has significantly brought down the cost of managing virtual desktops.

On Azure Virtual Desktop, companies can deploy platform-specific features that utilize integrated compliance and security capabilities to deliver a safer and more productive user experience. These platform-specific features include:

Enhanced Security

Azure Virtual Desktop technologies assure the user of advanced security as they eliminate the risk of critical hardware being misplaced, stolen, or laid redundant by damage. All-access and permissions to organizational data can be centrally managed, monitored, and seamlessly changed when needed. With Microsoft’s annual spending of over $1 billion on cyber security research and development, and a security expert staff above 3,500, its Azure technologies are equipped with the most recent cyber security installations. Azure Virtual Desktop also comes with additional compliance certifications to ensure that your desktop is guaranteed the best security in the market.

Special Features

Unlike other counterparts in the Virtual Desktop market, Azure Virtual Desktop provides additional special features. Azure provides the sole virtual desktop technology that enables a multi-session Windows 11 desktop experience and allows you to optimize Office 365 Pro Plus. With Azure Virtual Desktop, businesses can deploy the platform and scale for their specific environment in a few minutes while migrating their remote desktop services seamlessly.

Efficiency and Flexibility 

Azure Virtual Desktop technologies can establish structural freedom and increase workplace dynamism. When corporate desktops are hosted virtually, your team can access them from any permitted device from any location. This flexibility allows your employees to work remotely to get their tasks completed. This will result in highly motivated employees that will soon adopt an excellent company culture. It is also the case that you can continue to access your organizational files even in the case of an accident or emergency. With Azure Virtual Desktop on your side, you can never go wrong in the ever-dynamic business environment.

Impressive Cost Savings

Apart from leveling up your operational efficiency, Azure Virtual Desktop can significantly lower your liabilities in the long run by reducing desktop management costs and cutting down on physical infrastructure. With reduced reliance on software licenses and expensive resource-intensive desktop computers, you can effectively reduce your overhead costs. Additionally, with a centralized operations base, your enterprise will mitigate against system-wide upgrades and maintenance across multiple pieces of hardware.

Virtual Desktop Implementation and Professional Managed Services

Azure Virtual Desktop technologies can save your organization a significant amount of funds to be used in other budgetary engagements, increase production efficiencies and provide links to a range of unique features that maximize output. The best way to implement, conduct proper maintenance, and extract the most from your Virtual Desktop installation is to contract the services of a professional technology services company with specialized experience in Microsoft Azure packages.

Veltec Networks provides comprehensive managed IT services and offers a range of technological solutions in cyber security, virtual desktop management, and other applications. Our technical support for Azure Virtual Desktop technologies is top-notch. If Azure Virtual Desktop technologies seem like just the right solution for your workplace, reach out to us, and our team of IT solutions experts will guide you all the way.

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