Co-Managed IT Services In San Jose

Businesses’ IT needs change as they scale. These organizations partner with marketing service providers (MSPs) to satisfy their IT requirements. 

Co-Managed IT Services In San Jose

MSPs in the past have provided solutions using an all-or-nothing approach. Organizations choosing to outsource for IT support often left all their IT operations under the MSP’s management. This scenario creates a problem for businesses that need their internal IT staff, as the partnership with the MSP may take over all their work.

MSPs have adapted to the needs of businesses by working with in-house IT teams. This setup is widely known as co-managed IT, and it offers many benefits to an organization.

Clients often ask Veltec Networks what co-managed IT is and how they can leverage it to scale their operations. Veltec Networks provides IT services and support to organizations based in San Jose and surrounding areas. This article will help you discover what co-managed IT is and its benefits.

What Is Co-Managed IT?

Your internal IT team may play a crucial role in satisfying your IT needs. They may provide strategic advantages that you need. For example, they can be available when you need them, return any investment towards improving their skills, and understand your IT infrastructure and needs.

Despite these benefits, they may not satisfy all your IT needs. For example, you may scale and need more IT personnel. Hiring more IT staff may be too expensive as you will pay the salary of IT personnel in the U.S. ($35,000–140,000 per year) and benefits, such as paid leave. The IT staff may also be out of their depth with your new IT projects.

What Do You Do When Your Internal IT Staff Struggle to Satisfy All Your IT Needs? Organizations are turning to co-managed IT to address some shortcomings of in-house IT staff.

Co-managed IT is an IT support setup that allows organizations to have external and internal IT services and support. An MSP provides services that complement those of the in-house IT team. You delegate some IT functions to them while leaving some to your IT department.

For example, a San Jose computer network security company can provide cybersecurity. Handing them this function takes it out of your IT department’s duties, leaving them to concentrate on other crucial areas. This partnership can help you use IT support to achieve your objectives.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

Why would you choose co-managed IT support? 

Small and medium organizations may not have the resources to compete with large enterprises. They turn to IT innovations, such as co-managed IT, to gain a competitive edge. Co-managed IT can provide the IT support your organization needs to be competitive and achieve its objectives.

Choosing co-managed IT support enables you to enjoy many benefits.

  • You Enjoy the Expertise of The MSP’s Workforce: MSPs’ employees interact with diverse IT infrastructure. You may benefit from these experiences if you work with them, as they can help you identify opportunities and issues early. The partnership will ensure you enjoy the knowledge of both internal and external IT support.
  • You Enjoy Enhanced Cybersecurity: Data breach costs to organizations in the U.S. were an average of $8.19 million in 2019. Co-managed IT support can help you avoid these costly attacks. You will use the MSP’s expertise and exposure to identify and mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities and issues early. The MSP’s staff can train your employees on how to detect and curb attempted breaches.
  • It Can Be an Affordable Option: IT employees in the U.S. need a salary of $35,000–140,000 per year, plus benefits. Your organization may pay them when they are not working. IT support by an MSP costs $5,000–40,000 per year. Your organization will only spend on the services it uses. Co-managed IT allows you to keep essential IT staff members while getting cheaper MSP’s support for other functions.
  • You Enjoy the Latest Innovations and Cloud Technology: MSPs keep up with IT inventions to remain competitive and offer their clients value. You will enjoy these developments by working with an MSP. Your internal IT team will provide essential support, and the MSP will look for areas you can use IT solutions to improve.
  • You Reduce Your Workload: Your staff may enjoy a break from stressful workloads by partnering with an MSP. The arrangement takes non-essential functions that need a lot of time and effort off their plate. This program allows your employees to concentrate on essential areas and prevents them from overworking, increasing their productivity.
  • You Can Focus on the Core Areas of Your Business: Some areas contributing to insignificant earnings can take a lot of time and effort. For example, cybersecurity is necessary, but it does not improve your profitability. Leaving it for an MSP can allow you to concentrate on areas that significantly affect your revenue streams.

Veltec Networks provides reliable IT solutions and support. We are a San Jose computer network security company that offers many services, including cybersecurity, managed IT, and cloud solutions.

Veltec Networks can help you enjoy co-managed IT. We provide this IT support setup, so partnering with us can help you get the best out of your IT support.

Are You Ready to Enjoy Co-Managed IT?

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