Who Provides Colocation Services in San Jose?

In today’s world of increasingly connected, always-on information technology, mobility is incredibly important. In fact, it’s more important than ever before. As part of the endeavor to be more mobile and flexible, businesses sometimes need to move in-house workloads to colocation facilities.

In today’s world of increasingly connected, always-on information technology, mobility is incredibly important. In fact, it’s more important than ever before. As part of the endeavor to be more mobile and flexible, businesses sometimes need to move in-house workloads to colocation facilities. Sure, colocation isn’t always the first thing you think of when you’re looking to drastically improve the way you operate, but it’s a great way to achieve a multitude of benefits – going from on-premises to hybrid infrastructure without a huge capital investment.

Colocation allows you to lease space in a data center instead of maintaining in-house servers. This means you have access to power, security, and a variety of other services and/or resources you might not otherwise have in-house. Forbes wrote a great article here on why businesses should consider colocation services. One of the main reasons they mentioned is reliability.

It’s no secret: technology can be anything but reliable. Colocation gives you the physical infrastructure you need, as well as the processes and staff necessary to keep your equipment running without the worry in terms of downtime or risks. Moving workloads to colocation facilities are often stressful for those responsible for the move – ending in frustration, headaches, and even tears.

But here’s the thing: when your data center has reached the end of its life, whether it’s no longer keeping up with ever-growing capacity demands or its cooling and/or power are strained, you must persevere with colocation services. However, when it comes to colocation services, there’s no one-size fits all approach that works.

Veltec Networks provides Colocation Services in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area. Call us at (408) 849-4441 or email us at info@veltecnetworks.com to find out more.

If your data center is no longer meeting your needs, it’s time to look for Colocation Services in San Jose that will be better suited for your organizational requirements, budget, and overall needs. It’s important to find the best possible company as successfully moving servers to a colocation facility requires:

  • Technical know-how
  • Extensive expertise
  • Substantial experience

For example, let’s say you have multiple servers running CentOS that you’d like to reduce to 3 servers at most and migrate to another facility, you need to make sure your IT company has the technical know-how needed with Linux, as well as extensive expertise and experience with consolidating servers.

Veltec Networks lets you rest assured knowing you’re in good hands when you need colocation services. We’ll follow best practices to make sure your servers are consolidated (if needed) and moved to a colocation facility that suits your needs with minimal downtime. How do we do this?

  • Learn everything we can about you: Is your organization in a growth or expansion mode? Are you experiencing any growth issues, such as potential acquisitions? We find out everything we need to know about you first and foremost.
  • Start planning the process carefully: Our planning process starts with a discussion about the power, cooling, and space required for the servers being moved. Then, we’ll consider how much downtime and/or user impact is allowed for the entire move.
  • Create a written, outlined plan: A written, outlined plan helps you visualize and feel comfortable with the order of events for the transition. We’ll document whose responsible for what, an ordered list of what needs to happen, and who needs to be notified upon completion of each task.
  • Keep everything completely backed up: You don’t want to lose anything during the move, so we’ll have multiple data backups, archived imagines, and restore points prepared beforehand of every single byte of data. This is imperative in the event of any complication.
  • Ensure high uptime when needed: Virtualized servers come in handy when it comes to ensuring high uptime when needed. We can allow for a partial shutdown by running jobs on a subset of the systems, in order to minimize disruption.
  • Assign a dedicated leader to the move: You will have peace of mind knowing we’ve assigned someone internally to oversee and be responsible for the transition from in-house to colocation. This is imperative as this person will act as the point of contact for everyone involved.

All of the steps above are necessary as transitioning to a colocation facility doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult, however, there’s a lot of moving pieces and systems that need to work together. We do everything in our power to minimize complexity and risk during the move.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a colocation move and hearing “we haven’t done this before” or “I’m not too sure what to do now” from the IT company you’ve chosen to trust with helping you out. You can feel confident knowing we’ve done this before, many times, so there’s no challenge we haven’t resolved yet.

When You Need Colocation Services in San Jose and Throughout the Bay Area, Trust Veltec Networks – We’re Here to Help!

Our Colocation Services in San Jose are designed with you and your unique needs in mind. We know moving to a colocation facility can be seriously beneficial to your organization – from enhancing security to improving accessibility to saving money – but it needs to be handled properly.

Partnering with our team of trusted technology experts means you’ll be able to benefit from:

  • Greater redundancy as we take various steps – from uninterruptible power supply systems to extra equipment – to make sure we’re always able to stay up and running.
  • Enhanced flexibility because you’ll have access to the computing, processing, and capacity you need – scaling up or down to meet evolving business requirements on demand.
  • Improved security as we employ a multitude of enterprise-grade technologies that create multiple layers of security, including video surveillance, key card access points, and more.
  • And much more including 100% reliability wherein you’re always able to access what you need, affordable bandwidth as your requirements increase with more complex applications, and more.

Aside from Colocation Services in San Jose, we also provide a range of IT services you can trust will help you improve the way you use information technology – turning IT into a business enabler instead of yet another necessary evil. Check out what our existing clients say about working with us – read our testimonials!

Visit our blog here to read more articles like this one! Call us at (408) 849-4441 or email us at info@veltecnetworks.com to book a complimentary consultation to find out if our colocation services are right for you.

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