Data Theft Underscores Need for Employee Mobile Device Security

If your IT security plan doesn’t include employee mobile device security, then you are opening yourself up to potentially costly liabilities. This is especially true for larger corporations, but any company can be affected by data loss or security breach caused by an ex-employee absconding with company property (smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices). Make sure your mobile device management (MDM) plan includes encryption and safeguarding of sensitive data in the instance of employee layoffs and termination, to avoid a potentially costly situation where your former employees turn into ad hoc ransomware thieves.

Mobility Security

Price vs. Cost: Security or Liability

The need for MDM that adequately covers employee mobile devices has never been so emergent as now, in 2016. Says our marketing manager, Stuart Crawford, “Companies must have a mobile device management solution in order to protect their investments from theft or loss.” Indeed, the price for not taking measures through a managed service provider (MSP) can be far costlier than the price of simply hiring on a “12th man” team member who will guide you through the sometimes murky and unpredictable waters of cybersecurity and data recovery assurance.

Employee MDM a Value-Added Company Asset

Mobile device management not only can be written off as a monthly cost for a needed service, but it also adds value to your intrinsic corporate worth in multiple ways. By safeguarding vital proprietary data, you extend the shelf-life of your company, ensure your own profitability for longer, and make your company a more attractive buy when it comes time to sell to the highest bidder. Being able to tell potential buyers of your LLC, SME, or large corporate venture, “We have a superior MDM and IT security system in place, or can recommend a great IT security company” (depending on the buyout situation).

Good Employee Mobile Management = Money in the Bank

You can then rest securely in the knowledge that by encrypting sensitive company messages and safeguarding data, it’s like having more money in the bank. Many financial institutions, government agencies and healthcare providers are being hit with malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks which are exposing their customer files and they themselves to embarrassing liability and potential lawsuits. Knowing that because you have a competent IT partner in your corner who is guiding you daily through the perilous straits of business information technology and how to optimize its use is worth far more than what may inhibit executives from opting-in for such service.

Don’t Go Without

Statistics and news stories prove that going without adequate cybersecurity and employee MDM can be a costly misadventure for SMEs, large corporations, and even sole proprietorships. Going without IT security that guards you without and within from cyberattacks or employee data theft is like going without auto, life, or health insurance. You simply can’t expect to do business free of potential liability without coverage that safeguards executive PII (Personally-Identifiable Information), email passwords and usernames, social security numbers, tax ID info, credit card numbers, and much more.

Protect your data from potential cyberattack as well as from employee indiscretion and abuse of company policies on mobile device usage. A trusted IT partner is also a good business partner, there to make sure your MDM strategy successfully safeguards you from unethical employees and hackers alike by building you better firewalls, offsite data storage, cloud backup, and more. Ulistic is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks, and news. Contact us at (408) 849-4441 or send us an email at for more information.

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