California Shake OutThe Great California ShakeOut begins Thursday, October 17th at 10:17 AM Pacific Time. The ShakeOut is a way to educate and prepare people for the next earthquake in their region. The ShakeOut drills started in California, but now drills are being organized throughout regions around the world.  For more information you can visit:

In addition to preparing you family and employees for an earthquake, you must protect your IT business assets. Without them, your business can “crumble.” The best way to do this is to contact Veltec Networks | IT Services In San Jose for a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution.

Veltec Networks | IT Services In San Jose Can Help You:

Develop and Implement a Comprehensive IT Disaster Plan that tells your staff, vendors, and clients what steps you will take in the event of an earthquake. This will give you and them the peace of mind that your data and IT assets will be protected and confidential in the event of such a disaster.

Secure Your IT Network and Systems so your IT infrastructure is securely maintained and monitored.

Protect and Securely Backup Your Data using encryption techniques, remote and automated backup solutions, and data replication from a safe, off-site location far away from your business location.

Keep your business from “collapsing around you” with a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution. Remember, it must be implemented before the next earthquake occurs.

Duleep Pillai | Published on October 17, 2013

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