Cost CuttingIn today’s world of cheaper airfares with hidden fees, and companies cutting corners just to remain cash-flow positive, it is not surprising that many business owners and executives think that cutting costs for IT will help them save money.  The opposite is actually true.  Businesses that invest in quality IT services and support actually reduce their overall IT costs, and business expenditures:  They experience increased efficiencies, higher productivity, increased security, and fewer downtimes.

How can this be?  Wouldn’t you think the opposite is true?

The following are four basic facts that reveal how investing in technology supported by a professional IT services organization can actually save you money in the long run:

  • Businesses that immediately jettison IT resources after a bad quarter or year tend to continue their downward spiral.  Why?  Aging technologies and IT systems that aren’t cared for by an experience outsourced IT company costs them greatly—50% more year over year.
  • Old servers and aging computers use more energy.  Today’s cloud services and virtualization technology save companies thousands of dollars each year.  Using the cloud and virtualized server environments lessen energy consumption, requires less IT administrative time, and provides a safer computing environment.
  • By not taking security seriously, companies lose data that can’t be replicated.  A virus outbreak such as the Cryptolocker Ransomware can end up costing your business money, as well as its survival.  Proper security and business continuity solutions are available for a small monthly fee, and could save your business when a disaster or security breach strikes.
  • Failing to invest in training decreases productivity.  A qualified IT company that trains your staff on new or updated solutions is essential.  Staff who understand how to use the tools you provide are 45% more productive in their day-to-day job functions.  This leads to happier staff, happier  clients, higher average sales and increased revenues.

Your business needs a skilled and qualified outsourced IT provider. 

The days of having a family or staff member with an interest in IT overseeing your technology needs are over.  Today’s technology is very complex and requires a team of professionals who understand all aspects of IT, and who can provide your business with a secure computing environment.

What are you willing to risk?  Don’t take your IT lightly.  Your business deserves to have an outsourced IT team who can take care of all your business IT needs—One that offers a cost-effective, reliable and trustworthy service.  Your business needs an IT team who will work with your staff, and take ownership of your corporate IT assets either in the office or in the cloud.

You Need Veltec Networks.

Call Veltec Networks today at (408) 849-4441 or email us at to book a complimentary, no-obligation IT review, and learn how working with us will save you money in the long run.  Don’t trust your critical IT systems to just any computer guy —call us today.

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