Who Provides IT Services To San Francisco Bay Area Dental Practices?

Veltec Networks provides top notch managed IT services to dental practices across the Bay area. Protect your business, assets, and employees from theft and deception.

A successful dental practice will always feature specific attributes – superior oral health care, a friendly and fully staffed front office, efficient scheduling and communications, along with clean and modern office space. Building new client relationships and retaining the current patient load can all be linked to the overall management of both patient services and business operating procedures. But for each of these areas, there is an underlying foundation that requires dental practice IT services to have the right IT hardware and software to protect sensitive patient information and your business’ financial integrity.

According to a top cybersecurity publication, Security Magazine:

“Costly cyber attacks are having a significant and growing financial impact on businesses worldwide….in 2017 the average cost of cyber crime globally climbed to $11.7 million per organization, a 23 percent increase from $9.5 million reported in 2016…and found that the number of cyber attacks has shown no sign of slowing down…”

The biggest cybersecurity threats for small businesses, such as a dental practice include:

  • Ransomware Downloads – Criminals will infect a computer or network with a virus that encrypts data. Payment is then demanded in exchange for access to the intact data and system operations.
  • Phishing Emails – Unsuspecting businesses will open emails that mimic legitimate communications. Once the criminals gain access to sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, usually a string of fraudulent activity will follow.
  • Employee Data Breaches – When employees are not trained to follow IT security rules, such as password resets which leave the business open to unauthorized persons stealing private data.
  • Business Identity Theft – Businesses are not immune to identity theft as criminals see SMBs as a prime opportunity to hijack financial credentials and use that information to establish lines of credit with banks or retailers.

Veltec Networks Provides IT Services to San Francisco Bay Area dental practices from managed IT Services to prevent cyber attacks before they occur to Network Security Services to reduce the chance of stolen data and computer downtime that can compromise your dental practice.

Computer Security for Dentists Across Bay Area

Many times cybercriminals will focus on small and medium-sized businesses, assuming they will not have the IT security in place that larger corporations demand. But IT security not only protects sensitive data and operating processes, but it can also make your business more profitable and run more smoothly – both of which will lead to an increase in staff morale and productivity.

With the right IT services impacting your hardware and software your dental practice is leveraging technology to bolster better communications between staff and clients, and a higher level of customer satisfaction. Computer security is not an area you want to tackle yourself. Off-the-shelf computer security applications are no match for cyberstalkers looking to cash in on your business profits. Consider these four areas of dental practice IT services that must be addressed to ensure you and your business are fully protected.

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Find the Right Technology Support Service

Outsourcing technology support to an experienced service provider is a smart move for your dental practice. If you’re worried about the expense, consider your costs in the long run when an emergency occurs – when your computer system mysteriously shuts down, or you find an employee has clicked on an infected email and networks begin to operate eradicate.

Instead of learning the hard way, find outside professional help that will not only focus on data security and backup but one that also one that looks at your overall business operations, including operating systems, software, antivirus tools, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Choose an IT Professional with a Deep Understanding of Dental Practices

It’s one thing to partner with a savvy IT technical firm, but it’s another to work with one that knows the challenges of your dental practice and has seen some of the tactics that are attempted against this industry sector. Loss of professional reputation, negative reviews, enormous expenses for new IT equipment, and a decline in customer confidence can wreak havoc on dental practices.

Install Software to Protect Information From Cyber Threats

Cybercriminals are always changing tactics and finding a new way to infiltrate your business’ IT system. When you partner with a service that provides computer security for dentists across Bay Area, they will secure your wireless networks, install strong firewalls, test for unauthorized penetration, and establish a plan for business continuity and data back-up in case of natural disaster, fire, or theft.

Keeping Information Safe From Unauthorized Users

Don’t fail to recognize the threat from impersonators looking to steal financial information or personal data from your business or your employees. Data breaches have penetrated the largest of corporations and have left a negative impact on customer confidence. Look to a service that can advise against oversharing on social media, encrypting business data, and how to safely dispose of sensitive information.

Choose an IT management service with dental practice industry experience and has longevity in the business. For more information on protecting your business from cyber threats, contact Veltec Networks for more information.

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