Safer Cybersecurity Protocols Before The Labor Day Weekend

Key Points

  • Labor Day Public Service Announcement
  • You have plans for the weekend; your IT department should too
  • Seven time-tested cybersecurity steps you can use while you travel

It’s that time of year! Another highly anticipated three-day weekend is just about here. With Labor Day right around the corner, you probably have your time-off plans laid out. But before you go, is your IT department scheduled to catch up on maintenance and updates during the holiday?

If not, now is the best time to review your cybersecurity protocols to keep your IT infrastructure secure. And one last thing, while you’re away, please remember these seven time-tested and proven cybersecurity steps you can use during the holiday.

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Shut Down Your Computer Before Leaving

It goes without saying. Before you leave for the long weekend, make sure to shut down your computer. When your laptop or desktop computer is offline, hackers cannot break in and steal your data or infect your device.

Never Discuss Your Business Travel Plans On Social Media

Even though social media is popular and convenient for staying in touch, be careful what you say online, especially regarding your business. You never know who’s listening, watching, and following your every move.

Double Check That Your Offsite Backup Is Current

If you have an offsite backup for your business, that’s good news. But when was it last backed up? If you’re unsure, now is the time to check, and just for safe measures, go ahead of back up your system again.

Make Sure Your Computers and Systems Are Patched

Patches help your business avoid security vulnerabilities. Those updates provide bug fixes, protect your data, and reduce downtime. With installed and updated security patches, you reduce the chance of data breaches.

Shut Down Systems Not In Use

Whether your company has one, ten, or more computers not used during the Labor Day weekend or any other 3-day weekend, shut them down. Again, when unneeded devices stay off, your system remains safer.

Avoid Public WiFi When Traveling

Even though it is convenient to use public WiFi when traveling like at airports, your devices are not secure. We recommend only using a VPN when connecting your laptops, tablets, and phones.

After The Holiday, Check Your Bank Accounts

Consumers and business owners often discover their bank accounts have unknown charges, which took place during the 3-day weekend. Once your bank opens, immediately contact them about those transactions, and while you’re at it, check your credit report. Sometimes, unknown debts will show up on those records months later.

Need Help Preparing Your Networks For The Holiday?

Going away for some holiday fun should be exciting. However, returning only to discover your business systems are down or, worse, they’ve been hacked. That should never happen, but it does. That’s why our team puts out this Labor Day Public Service Announcement so you can always stay alert.

Veltec Networks has the experience and expertise to help you secure your data. We can also help you develop and implement security policies for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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