LinkedInAccording to a recent study a surprising 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs don’t have a presence on any social networks. Nearly a third of them have a LinkedIn account, only 28 are on Twitter, 38 are on Facebook, and 5 use Google+. With all of these social media networks available, the most commonly used social network is LinkedIn. In addition, out of the 140 top CEOs on LinkedIn, 25 of them have over 500 connections.

This past May, Warren Buffet made a joke when sending his first tweet, and after a second gained 541,905 Twitter followers. Did you know Fortune 500 CEOs gain followers approximately 20 times faster than average Twitter users? And if you include Warren Buffet in this measurement, Fortune 500 CEOs gain followers an average 200 times faster!

This makes us wonder why more CEOs don’t social media. The attention and popularity of these websites can have a significant impact on any company, but most CEOs aren’t convinced of the potential benefits, saving their presence for LinkedIn.

CEO participation on Facebook is even less common. Last year, only 7% of the top 500 leading CEOs had an account. This year, only 7.6% have created an account. While on the topic of Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg leads the pack with a total of 16,742,263 LinkedIn followers!

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