Veltec Networks Helped This Hardware Manufacturer Set Up And Manage Their Linux-Based Data Center

As popular as Windows and iOS operating systems are, they’re not always the best choice. Businesses operating in highly specialized industries often have technical requirements that outpace the capabilities of these platforms. As a result, these businesses turn to Linux operating systems.

However, given its lower profile in the business world, Linux can be difficult to configure and optimize. That’s why this hardware manufacturer enlisted Veltec Networks’s expert assistance.

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This Hardware Manufacturer Needed Linux Systems To Keep Their International Operations Productive

This hardware manufacturer develops specialized microchips, which are the product of their global network of locations. With offices here in the US and overseas, all of which perform specialized tasks, this hardware manufacturer requires a robust and responsive Linux environment.

“In hardware development, Microsoft does not play in that space very well,” says this hardware manufacturer’s Head of IT. “All the hardware companies that I’ve been a part of, their servers run on Linux.”

The fact is that this hardware manufacturer relies on a specific line of business software and other tools to do their work. Their staff of over a hundred employees (most of which are hardware and software engineers) need access to these tools to do their jobs and stay productive.

Unfortunately, these tools do not run on standard Windows machines. That’s why this hardware manufacturer needed to set up a new Linux-based environment, built out of a newly configured data center that would support their offices around the world.

“Linux gives you tremendous flexibility,” says their Head of IT. “With that, though, you have more opportunities for problems, because it’s not standardized.”

Veltec Networks Provided Expert Assistance With This Hardware Manufacturer’s New Linux Data Center

Veltec Networks was an invaluable partner to this hardware manufacturer’s internal IT staff as they set up their new Linux data centers. We managed their Linux servers here in the US, and provided day-to-day help desk assistance whenever needed.

“Veltec Networks maintained things adequately,” says the Head of IT.

With our help, the internal IT team was able to successfully transition the company to its new Linux environment. Our team worked in concert with this hardware manufacturer’s staff to ensure that there was no data loss or undue downtime in the course of the project.

“The transfer went well,” says the Head of IT.

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