Who Provides Linux Support In The San Francisco Bay Area?

Open source solutions are a fantastic way to truly customize your business and your IT network, but they do not come without issue, let Veltec Networks provide you the support you need.

When it comes to running a business or opening a startup, your sourcing solutions are a big part of what helps your company to move and run smoothly. Companies that use open source operating solutions like Linux are important for a few different reasons, the first being that Linux is an operating system that allows companies to funnel resources to other vital areas to improve growth and offer more to their customers. It is helpful when learning why these companies are important to have a bit of background information about open source solutions and how to take care of and support this type of operating system.

What is an Open Source Solution?

An open source solution, put quite simply, is a program that has open source code that can be modified as users and developers see fit. This means that it can be altered by those using it to fit their particular needs and to best work with the model of the company. This type of program is often developed as a sort of public collaboration that allows users to modify as needed and that is freely available to the users that are looking to modify it or to use it as is. Companies that use open source operating solutions like Linux and other similar programs as their operating system can save money by not having to purchase rights to other programs and operating systems.

What is Linux and How Does it Work?

Linux is one of the most popular open source solutions on the market currently. Millions of companies use Linux to create their IT network within their businesses. Linux was originally created in Finland in the 1990s by a programmer names Linus Trovalds and started as nothing more than the Linux kernel. The kernel was opened to the public and programmers were able to add and modify it growing it to the current day Linux operating system. Linux allows programmers and users more control over their operating system. Linux works alongside a set of GNU programs that allow the user to configure and customize their experience with Linux and how it works on their particular PC or their particular IT system. This type of system offers a huge range of freedom when it comes to the customization of your operating system and how it works for you. With customization however does come some issues and support is necessary to keep the program running smoothly and efficiently.

The Importance of Using Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions open up a huge range of options for those companies and individuals that decide to use them. First and foremost, since most open source solutions are free to use, this means that money can be funneled into other operations and other aspects of the business. This also means that the program can be modified as needed to help better fit the running style and need of the business in question. Open source solutions have also often been modified and tested so that they have fewer bugs than starting your own operating system and are easy to access and easy to use. For those companies using an open operating system, it is important to have a company on your side that is ready and available to handle your troubleshooting and to keep your open source solution operating smoothly and efficiently.

Support in the Bay Area

The right company to provide you support is essential. Without the right support for your open source solution you can run into major issues that make daily operation of your company nearly impossible. A company like Veltec Networks offers a wide range of solutions to help your company keep your open source solutions working properly and operating efficiently. With solutions like managed IT services, network security services and compliance consulting, you can be sure that you are in good hands and that your company is well taken care of.

Veltec Networks has Your Solution

So what does support for an open source solution consist of? Veltec Networks offers Linux consulting to help you reach your goals. The talented and experienced consultants work to help you design your Linux technology to fit and support your business goals as well as manage your technology to insure that it functions and works as it should at peak performance. They also work to make sure your IT infrastructure using Linux is as effective as possible and that any risks are reduced and mitigated when they do occur. They can also monitor and identify any inefficiencies in your Linux system and make sure you are getting the ROI that you need for your business from your particular Linux operating system.

Consulting is just one way that Veltec Networks can help you manage your Linux system. You can also opt for network management and monitoring to spot and rectify issues before they become major issues that may affect your day to day operating. They also offer back up and disaster recovery, 24/7 emergency support, installation and configuration of software, and security audits. It is crucial to have a great company on your side to help protect your company and to make sure your Linux operating system is doing all that it can to help foster growth and progress in your company.

Having a consultant on your payroll to work with you at every juncture and every time there is an issue is costly and can also be difficult. Though your basic IT department or IT specialist can give you short term solutions, having a company like Veltec Networks on your side is like having an entire group of programmers, specialists, and IT professionals at your fingertips and on your side to help rectify issues as soon as they occur to help make sure your company stays working and stays operating as efficiently as possible.

Open source operating solutions are a great way to get the custom experience you need and with the right support, the right solutions, and the right troubleshooting, you can have an operating system that does everything you need it to. Linux and similar open source solutions are fantastic, and with the right support company and the right troubleshooting, they can be even better and even more efficient. Let the professionals at Veltec Networks help you customize and perfect your open source operating system today.

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