MatrixCare: What You Need to Know

Are you a retirement or long-term care home looking for an EMR/EHR solution designed explicitly for the operational and clinical needs of LTC settings?

MatrixCare: What You Need to Know

Are you a retirement or long-term care home looking for an EMR/EHR solution designed explicitly for the operational and clinical needs of LTC settings? Well, consider the MatrixCare software. MatrixCare is the leading LTPAC technology provider offering thousands of facility-based and home-based care organizations the help they need to improve efficiency and provide exceptional care that promotes a better quality of life for the people they serve.


What Is MatrixCare?

MatrixCare is a cloud-based EMR solution that combines a cloud-based back-office system and an iPad point of care app to offer patient-centric care solutions ideal for the post-acute industry. The tool is easy, intuitive, and efficient while boasting powerful features that help maximize long-term care accuracy and compliance.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of ResMed, MatrixCare is a comprehensive solution designed for growing retirement or long-term care facilities and other organizations that need to successfully manage risks and optimize efficiency and productivity in care delivery environments.

Who Uses MatrixCare

MatrixCare is a multi-time winner of the highly acclaimed Best in KLAS for Long-Term Care Software award. Undoubtedly, the solutions offered by MatrixCare are trusted by thousands of organizations across all spectrums of out-of-hospital care. Currently, more than

13,000 facility-based care settings and 2,500 home care/home health and hospice organizations rely on the solutions offered by MatrixCare to enhance their operations and improve business outcomes.

Some of the primary users of MatrixCare solutions include:

  • Nursing and senior living providers
  • Life plan communities (CCRCs)
  • Home health organizations.
  • Private-duty, home health, and hospice organizations

What Does MatrixCare Do?

MatrixCare technology is the first of its kind to provide truly integrated, full-spectrum EMR/EHR solutions. It has top-notch care features designed to help retirement or long care homes provide exceptional care and management occupancy, reduce the cost of care, improve revenues, manage readmissions, and more.

Some of the modules that MatrixCare offer include:

Meal Tracker

The Meal Tracker is a feature that offers management and reporting solutions for cycle menus, complete with a diet guide breakdown. It also comes with comprehensive dietary information on basic diet preferences, nutritional analysis, recipe scaling, and cost analysis. The module enables caregivers to consistently offer residents meals that accurately suit their tastes, preferences, and specific needs.

Time Tracker 

The time tracker component is designed explicitly for LTPAC providers who need exceptional solutions to help them achieve better business outcomes. This tool helps organizations to enhance staff productivity, reduce labor costs, and stay compliant with regulatory and industry requirements. Time Tracker enables you to conveniently and effectively manage your workforce via streamlined scheduling, real-time tracking of attendance and sign-ins/sign-outs, and an automated administration of absences and leaves.

Claims Management

The claims management tool enables providers to process claims easily, quickly, and efficiently. MatrixCare is integrated with Realy Health connecting thousands of payers with a guaranteed claims acceptance rate of over 93% in their first submission.

Care Assist

Care assist components enable caregivers to provide consistent delivery of quality resident-centered care that ensures safer medication management. The care assist module helps improve the staff, residents, and family satisfaction by eliminating typical errors and issues in care management processes.

Marketing Module

You can also use MatrixCare solutions to streamline your marketing efforts. The module boast functionalities that enable you to pull inquiries automatically from your website. Specifically, it comes with a senior living CRM tool with intuitive features that allows your marketing teams to track leads via predefined marketing outreach efforts from the time a prospect makes an initial inquiry all the way to the signup stage. Additionally, MatrixCare Marketing solutions are browser-independent, meaning you can view crucial insights and metrics anytime and anywhere provided you have internet access and a browser.

Retail Tracker

The retail tracker functionality enables the resident or caregiver to capture charges and combine them into an efficient billing function featuring key elements such as meal plans and payroll deductions. With this tool, you can create and alter menus as need be to increase resident satisfaction while meeting their dietary needs. It also enables you to complete seating assignments that reveal the resident’s name, photo, and seat location for accurate food delivery. Additionally, you can add a resident’s special dietary needs and any existing food allergies that are printable on the resident’s kitchen tickets.

Referral Connect

Referral connect is a module that helps you discover hidden referral sources to focus your marketing efforts. It boasts a set of robust tools and intelligence that helps your team establish sustainable relationships with prospects and attract more referrals than you would have missed if you were using the traditional marketing efforts.

MatrixCare Direct

MatrixCare Direct is a MatrixCare module providing HIPAA-secure, web-based emailing solutions for efficient and highly secure in-house communications. The tool enables you to conveniently communicate with colleagues and patients by sending and receiving encrypted health information over email without worrying about security breaches that could expose crucial patient information. MatrixCare Direct is designed to integrate seamlessly with your EHR system and patient management systems to enable you to start your communications immediately.

Payroll Plus

The payroll plus is designed to accommodate several departments, pay rates, and shifts. The platform can adapt to your unique payroll environments while providing comprehensive and customized solutions that eliminate outside payroll services, thus helping you reduce expenses.

Enterprise Financials

Enterprise financials is a top-notch solution designed to help you gain valuable insights into your finances. It boasts a full suite of powerful modules to help you track and manage your financial information, such as F9 reporting, inventory management, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, purchase orders, capital projects, general ledger, and more.

Marketing Essentials

The marketing essentials module offers all the tools you need to improve residency occupancy rates and enhance efficiencies within your community. You can turn to this tool to capture more sales leads and inquiries made on your websites. Marketing essentials enable you to analyze the marketing strategies that work while simplifying your budgeting and planning efforts. It also boasts a user-friendly CRM that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Key Takeaway

Whether you are a nursing and senior living provider, life plan community, or a professional in the senior care setting, you know too well how having access to the right information at the right time is essential. MatrixCare eliminates communication boundaries while empowering providers to make informed choices. If you have any questions or need help to get started with your MetriCare solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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