Microsoft Loop: A Real-Time Collaborative Tool

Microsoft Loop is a new app offering real-time collaboration, and lets organizations work on large documents with portable components.

Microsoft Loop: A Real-Time Collaborative Tool

Technological trends with more collaborative solutions are replacing traditional models as more organizations plan to adapt to the new changes. Teams will now be able to edit, share content and collaborate with ease from anywhere through the upcoming Microsoft Loop app.

Microsoft has been a major contributor to new technological trends and operational changes, making work easier for organizations. In the past few days, Microsoft announced the Loop as its latest technology. Organizations will use the Loop app to collaborate effectively, allowing a smooth flow of operations.

In this article, you will learn about Microsoft Loop and how it will change business operations with effective collaboration.

What is Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop is a new app offering real-time collaboration, and lets organizations work on large documents with portable components. These components are easily sharable and editable across multiple apps, allowing employees to think, plan and create together.

Microsoft launched the Fluid Framework in 2019 to make work easier for developers by creating real-time and editable applications. The company revealed that the new app is based on Fluids.

This technology is the future of the Office because it addresses many issues faced by most organizations today. Gone are the days when people switched to an app to edit components such as tables, charts, lists, or notes.

The Microsoft Loop fluid framework breaks the barriers between multiple components and makes files and documents easy to share and edit. The Fluid components are now called Loop components, which make up the essential components of the app.

Understanding Microsoft Loop Elements

Microsoft Loop comes with three elements. These are Loop components, Loop workspaces, and Loop pages. They are the main elements of the app that make Office more universal and collaborative for teams.

You can embed the loop components into a Loop page that works as a shared canvas. It consists of different information related to a specific project. The Loop pages are then put into Loop workplaces, giving an outline of various documents.

Loop Components

Loop components, also referred to as “atomic units of productivity” by Microsoft, are an evolution of Fluid components that will change the future of document collaboration.

Teams will be able to get their jobs done efficiently and in real-time, thus, improving workflow, productivity, and the growth of organizations. There will be effective collaboration during chats, meetings, document sharing, and when sending emails.

Loop components range from tables, graphs, notes, tasks, and lists, to a complex Microsoft Dynamics 365. This component stays in sync when you incorporate it into documents, emails, chats, and virtual meetings, allowing your team to stay updated with the latest information.

According to Microsoft, this component has two elements. The first one is a voting table where teams discuss tasks or projects and make collaborative decisions in real-time. The second element is the status tracker that allows teams to view progress when running projects or tasks.

Microsoft announced that third-party developers would be able to build other components beyond these upcoming Loop components. This development may take place in 2022 after Microsoft shares more details during the next conference next year.

Loop Pages

Loop pages are canvases that allow you to organize your components and pull data, links, and files for a particular project. This helps your team to think, connect and collaborate effectively.

Loop pages are flexible. This means that the pages can start small and adjust with time as your project grows. The main aim of Loop pages is to allow teams to think together and get the work done.

Loop Workspaces

Loop workspaces are shared spaces that allow you and your team to view, respond to ideas and organize the content relevant to your project.

You can see what every team member is doing, thus, making it easy to track the progress of your projects and determine whether you’re working towards achieving your goals. The loop workspace allows your team to collaborate as a group or even individually when necessary.

Microsoft Loop Availability

Microsoft is yet to disclose when they will launch the app. However, there will be an official launch of the loop components starting November 2021. This will roll out in Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook, OneNote, and Teams. Watch out for more information here. Microsoft will keep updating on the status until when the app is launched.

Microsoft Loop is Enhancing Collaboration

The Loop app will reshape operations by allowing editing of different information without switching to the app. Developers will be able to implement other components, thus, making document sharing and editing easier across multiple apps that are not within the Microsoft Office environment.

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