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Long Term Care: PointClickCare Support From Veltec Networks

Suppose you’re a long-term care provider looking for Electric Medical Record Systems (EMRs). In that case, you know that EMRs designed for ambulatory or acute care settings are different from those means for Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities. They lack the versatility that allows you to convert them into long-term care use. This is why you should look for an EMR system that has the features for LTC settings. This article introduces you to PoinClickCare to save you the trouble of searching through a myriad of possible solutions.

What is PointClickCare?

PointClickcare refers to a health record system, based on the cloud, and explicitly made for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) health sector. It provides a centralized solution for care businesses as it is enhanced with several reliable modules. It helps such organizations fulfill their functions in:

  • Marketing
  • Delivery management
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Financial management
  • Quality control and compliance

The software comes in handy as an effective technological tool that enhances business performance and patient document management. Businesses can also rely on PointClickcare for quality of care delivery, data entry, reimbursement accuracy, and the simplification of the regulatory burden.

Whether your business operates in the senior living, skilled nursing, or home and community-based services sector, it provides the solution you need for your business. This is why more than 15,000 senior care providers, ranging from small independent homes to multi-facility organizations, use the tool. It will help you deliver better care and services to your clients while optimizing your revenue potential.

Features of The PointClickCare Software

PointClickCare’s compatibility abilities allow you to use it on Mac devices and windows. Besides, it’s also available as a web-based solution. It provides a subscription to billing, clinical, and administrative modules. It provides a referral management solution that enables you to assess your marketing efforts, track calls and activities, and evaluate the success of your efforts in raising occupancy rates.

The platform also has a Customer Relationship Management functionality. This comes in handy to help you carry out pre-admission eligibility checks and monitor the records for insurance coverage.

Overall, PointClickCare enhances your business environment by helping you manage workflows, check progress for practitioners, remotely check client compliance, and improve the quality of care. Other appealing features of this platform are:

  • Admission management
  • Financial management
  • Staff management
  • Incident management
  • Quality and compliance
  • MDS review
  • Geriatric care
  • Clinical care
  • Claims management
  • Patient records
  • Medication tracking
  • Referral management
  • HIPAA compliance

The care management module is one of the most valuable features on the platform. It’s in place to help your care teams prioritize care for the clients, patients, or residents. The dashboard has a user-friendly interface with a real-time task list and a notification feature. This lets you perform quick actions to take care of the most critical care concerns.

Take advantage of all these features to consolidate various functions like Point of Care services, secure conversations, medication management, nutrition management, and practitioner engagement. The modules integrate seamlessly to allow caregivers to share insights on care plans to accelerate decision-making.

You will also like the business analytic feature that comprises reports, MDS, pro-tracking, and PointClickCare analytics. All these analytic modules serve to boost your decision-making capabilities by merging the diagnostic tools for efficiency in data unity. Use it to convert raw data into insights that will help you improve the overall quality of care delivery.

Overview of PointClickCare Benefits

The idea behind the PointClickCare software is to make your care business stronger and help you improve care delivery. It is a robust practice suite that provides a collaborative platform to streamline interrelated workflows within your organization. More importantly, the platform offers you a set of suitable tools to help you manage your business with a higher success rate.

Its reliable quality and compliance module gives you an edge over unexpected incidents. It has a set of tools that allow your team to monitor and manage risks and proactively avert them before danger strikes. This way, you can keep your business moving on the heels of quality improvements. Besides, the platform helps you to:

  • Attract and retain the best staff: with the right technology in place, your team will be less overwhelmed with work. As such, they can spend more time with the residents, and everyone stays happy.
  • Become the preferred care provider in your network:¬† you will be able to strengthen your network relationship by communicating accurately, helping you become the provider of choice.
  • Improve your financial health: when you connect the billing and care delivery teams, they can collaborate in real-time on the cloud-based automated system.
  • Ensure quality and compliance: the software will help you reduce errors, simplify your regulation burden, and improve outcomes for a better competitive position.
  • Increase occupancy: take control of your referrals based on timely, safe, and accurate real-time data access.
  • Provide the best resident experience: the truly connected platform helps you deliver the expected life quality for your residents.

Can You Choose Individual Modules?

PointClickCare is designed to allow administrators to subscribe to specific administrative, billing, and clinical modules, depending on their needs. These modules help you assess marketing efforts through the referral management solution, create an electronic record, and track calls and activities to grow your business. This is one of the reasons the platform has become so popular.

When you use PointClickCare, you will receive about 7 times more hospital referrals than other businesses in your industry. 75% of long-term care providers have been using the platform since 2013. The cloud-based modules comprise marketing, financial marketing, care delivery management, business intelligence, quality, and compliance. The many add-ons on the interface allow users to integrate the platform with other programs, allowing different departments to work on the same system.

PointClickCare Support By Veltec Networks

Each business has particular business-related needs, and it’s only logical to stay away from an all-encompassing software. Besides, it would be futile to try to discover a solution even among branded solutions. As such, it would help to jot down the significant aspects of a software solution to help you scale your business.

That is where PointClickCare comes in to help your situation. If you want to get started with the software, Veltec Networks is here to guide and help you make the right decision. Contact us today for more information.

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