Who’s Watching Over Your POS Systems?

It’s essential to ensure your Point of Sale system (POS) functions securely at all times—If not, your livelihood and good reputation are at stake.

With the increase in hacking, cyber theft and data breaches today, businesses like yours, in the San Francisco Bay Area, require a POS System Expert who can assess, detect and remediate any vulnerabilities in your network—One who’s available for support 24/7, even during the holidays when shopping and purchases increase, and POS systems are overtaxed.

You need the support from the POS System Experts at Veltec Networks. We can securely remote into your network to prevent data breaches from occurring.

Without the right support for your POS system, you are risking your customer’s private information, and hefty fines for your business.

If you experience a data breach, banks and credit card institutions can impose fines anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000.

The POS Security Experts at Veltec Networks have years of experience helping businesses like yours in the Bay Area protect their confidential customer debit and credit card data. Contact us to learn how we can help you keep your livelihood and good reputation intact. (408) 849-4441 info@veltecnetworks.com 

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