Church Wireless NetworksIn today’s technology-driven world, many churches are starting to leverage technology to reach out to larger audiences while enhancing the experience for those who attend services. Ultimately, technology, especially the Internet, offers churches an opportunity to provide service content to more people than ever before.

The Situation: A Church in the East Bay Needed a Second Opinion on Implementing a Wireless Network in Their New Building

When a church in the East Bay was looking for a second opinion on implementing a wireless network in their new building and making their VoIP phones work the same, Veltec Networks was there to provide the IT assistance and guidance needed to make the right decision! While the church was working with a service provider for a long time, they suspected the provider’s quote was much higher than what would be appropriate for their requirements.

The Resolution: A Reasonable Quote & A Reliable Solution for Their Network Requirements

Once the church contacted our team of IT experts and asked for a quote, we decided to provide a free consultation, as the church was out of the area. After visiting their site and evaluating their requirements, we offered a simple solution and a reasonable quote for setting up the network.

The church was pleased with the quote and signed the contract immediately. Our solution was with:

  • A Netgear POE switch
  • A Fortinet Firewall
  • Fortinet WiFi Access Points
  • UPS- to power VoIP phones and all network equipment

This allows members of the church to leverage the network on their mobile devices while the church staff members are able to utilize their VoIP phone systems without disruptions or issues. At the end of the project, the church administrator and other staff members were thoroughly satisfied with their network setup and performance.

Looking for IT assistance to help you set up a new network? Give us a call at (408) 849-4441 or send us an email at Veltec Networks provides a wide range of IT services and support to help you make the most of your technology!

Duleep Pillai | Published on July 31, 2014

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