San Francisco IT Services

Because We Understand What They Need, And Provide It When They Need It.

No matter what types of services our clients provide, they trust that we can help them excel through cost-effective, secure and reliable technology. They trust us because:

  • We get to know their unique requirements,
  • What their IT obstacles are, and
  • Overcome them with just the right technologies, and nothing more.

Although Veltec Networks serves all types of industries in {city}, our specialties include:

Financial Services

The financial services industry faces unique challenges. Today’s climate is characterized by ever-changing regulations, economic uncertainties, and privacy concerns. These firms require IT services that help them process, store and transfer Big Data, access information securely from remote locations, collaborate in real time with colleagues, and more. Veltec Networks helps our Financial Services clients overcome their challenges with innovative, reliable and secure technology.

Medical Offices

Good health is key for the well being of all people—And the use of information technology has significantly enhanced the quality and cost-effective delivery of healthcare. However, ensuring security and privacy of health IT can be difficult. With HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements, and the risk of data breaches, medical offices need an IT provider they can count on to safeguard their protected health information (PHI). Our medical clients trust us to do this for them. This is why they turn to {short company}—Because they know we will secure their IT, 24/7.

Dental Offices

High-tech dental equipment is making treatment easier for not only, dentists, orthodontists, and other oral health professionals, but for their patients as well. The trend in dentistry is to use technology to improve patient care, and to streamline business operations. Dentists today need an IT provider who understands the technologies they use, and how their practice functions. Veltec Networks does. That’s why so many dental practices in {city} turn to us for their IT Service and Support.

Technology Companies

The technology industry in {city} is like nowhere else in the world. — It’s continually growing, and fiercely competitive. Tech startups enter the “arena” every day, threatening larger businesses because of their low overhead, and ability to do more with less. Veltec Networks understands this, and helps our technology clients find new ways to reduce expenses and streamline operations by using state-of-the-art, cost-effective technologies.

No matter what services your business provides, with the right technology, and an IT Service Provider like Veltec Networks who gets to know your business, and how to address your unique needs, you’ll be on the road to success.


To find out what we can do for you, call (408) 849-4441 or send us an email: We’re always here to help.

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