Working in cities like San Jose, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Fremont and across the entire San Francisco Bay Area can be great. People throughout the country and around the world wish they could live and work here.  The Bay Area offers many benefits for organizations, associations, medical clinics, dentists and orthodontists offices and technology companies.  One of the top benefits is having Veltec Networks as your trusted San Jose based IT services company.

Your technology is the heart and circulatory system of you business. — And when it’s down or your data is threatened, your business can come to a grinding halt. 

The good news is Veltec Networks is here to help.  Our reliable team of professionals can repair your IT system, recover your data, and get you back up and running quickly.  Best of all, we can prevent these IT issues from occurring. With one affordable, monthly fee we’ll provide proactive IT Managed Services and Support that take your worries off IT and let you focus on your business.

The Team at Veltec Will:

  • Help To Reduce Your IT Costs
  • Offer Cost-Effective, State-of-the-Art Technologies
  • Proactively Monitor and Maintain Your IT 24/7
  • Ensure The Security of Your Data
  • Help You Comply With Regulatory Requirements
  • Offer Scalable and Adaptable Solutions
  • Provide Secure Remote Access To Your Data
  • Deploy Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Educate Your Staff on the IT Solutions We Implement

The team at Veltec prides ourselves on providing cost-effective IT services that contribute to the long-term success of small- to-mid-sized businesses in the South San Francisco Bay Area.  To achieve this same success, you must be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to maintaining your IT network. Unlike other IT providers who only react to IT problems as they occur, Veltec Networks delivers proactive network-based services and 24/7 support to monitor and protect your IT assets. 

The team at Veltec Networks is professional, motivated, skilled, and experienced. And they care about the success of your business.  Keep Your Business Up and Running!  Contact Veltec Networks!

For a complementary consultation for your business in the South San Francisco Bay Area, or for more information about our proactive, cost-effective IT Managed Services, give us a call at (408) 849-4441 or email us at:

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