Security Report: Is Your IT Partner Doing All They Can to Keep You Safe?

When you speak to your IT partner, security is generally one of the first topics that will come up. And with good reason.

If your business isn’t properly protected against outside threats, you stand to lose everything. Downtime doesn’t just result in a momentary loss of productivity; it often leads to a snowball effect that can cause a loss of profits and wages, tarnish your reputation, and in some cases, end your operations permanently.

Trusted IT Partner

You care about your business, so you’re already utilizing some type of firewall, basic antivirus software, and relying on a few other precautions to keep your data protected. But that often isn’t enough. That’s not to say that firewalls and antivirus tools aren’t important, but they’re just a part of what should be a much larger strategic and proactive security setup.

One of the most pervasive and dangerous trends in cyber crime over the past several years has been ransomware. It’s a tactic used to trick victims into sabotaging their data, resulting in your essential documents and resources being held ransom until you pay a fee – and even then, it’s not guaranteed that your data will be released back to you.

This poses a very serious – and very obvious – problem. Without access to your data and files, your operations are at a standstill. And if your data is suddenly gone forever, your business just might be, too. If your clients learn that their data has been compromised, the damage to your business’ reputation may be irreparable.

What’s especially dangerous is how often cybercriminals update ransomware strains to keep them undetectable to anti-malware software. Which is why you need an IT partner who stays one step ahead, and is always planning proactively for your protection.

It’s crucial to remember that security issues are constantly escalating. Cybercriminals are smart, and their methods grow more complex each and every day. That’s why Veltec Networks believes in an ongoing proactive approach, targeting new threats as they emerge while still covering any known vulnerabilities.

Education is Key

A security partner who just sets you up with tools and then disappears isn’t really doing their job. It’s important that you truly understand the threats you’re facing, including how ransomware presents itself, what type of vulnerabilities certain applications pose, and the latest tactics being used to target businesses.

As your IT partner, Veltec Networks works with you and your staff to provide ongoing support and education, ensuring you know how to steer clear of the most dangerous online threats that could potentially cripple your productivity and workflow.

We focus on updating your security strategy to include the latest threats, and proactively monitor your system to ensure we’re identifying and disabling issues before they cause disruptions.

Average firewall solutions provide minimal protection, and are not monitored by professionals. With a properly configured firewall, we’re able to log and monitor security alerts, so you’re getting up-to-date tracking of potential threats to your network. We make sure you’re getting comprehensive security that’s aligned with modern needs.

Veltec Networks knows how valuable your time is, and that your business is best served by your focus being on your daily operations, not constantly worrying about the threats you’re facing.

That’s where we come in. Veltec Networks provides solutions designed to give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve done absolutely everything you can to protect against cyber crime, targeted attacks, and any other threats that your business may be facing.

Get in touch with our team of IT experts to discuss strengthening your security strategy with comprehensive, reliable, and unique solutions that are designed to keep you safe against absolutely anything. Reach out to us at or (408) 849-4441.

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