Veltec Networks Provides Comprehensive IT Services For SPT Microtechnologies USA, Inc.

SPT Microtechnologies USA, Inc. produces oxidation, diffusion, LPCVD and APCVD technologies for semiconductor, power, MEMS, III-V and packaging applications. As an active manufacturer, with operations spanning the globe, SPT Microtechnologies needs to be able to rely on their IT environment around the clock.

That’s why they trust Veltec Networks to manage their IT for them.

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Before Veltec Networks, SPT Microtechnologies Was In Need Of Comprehensive IT Services

“We were part of a larger company, and our division was sold in 2005, and we incorporated and became our own company,” says Bernard Comito, Corporate Controller, SPT Microtechnologies. “The previous company had been supported by an IT team in the UK, and we had a couple of people here in San Jose. We ended up keeping the network admin.”

Two years before partnering with Veltec Networks, SPT Microtechnologies’ organization underwent a few major changes. Their division was acquired by another company that was then incorporated, and in the process, their IT support was greatly reduced.

“There were issues with this,” says Bernard. “There were a lot of things that needed to be done, but network admin was getting caught up in the day-to-day requirements.”

Unfortunately, with just the network administrator on-site to look after IT, only the day-to-day issues were being attended to. This is not uncommon — when personnel and resources are limited, an IT department of any size will often get caught up with primary support tasks, and run out of time for long-term strategy and planning.

“He was falling behind on the more strategic things that we needed to do,” says Bernard.

When that network admin left the company two years later, Bernard took the opportunity to find a company that would be able to handle all of SPT Microtechnologies’ IT concerns. In the process of interviewing their options, Bernard got in touch with Veltec Networks.

“I started looking into the companies that could do this for us, and I identified four or five options,” says Bernard. “There were different models, but Veltec Networks offered a more complete solution.”

Bernard and the SPT Microtechnologies staff were immediately impressed by the scope of Veltec Networks’ services. They were confident that the SPT Microtechnologies team would be able to both manage minor support requests, as well as oversee macro strategy and ongoing development and upgrade projects.

“It was a very complete package, and it was reasonable, so we went with them,” says Bernard. “We’ve been doing this for about three years now.”

Veltec Networks Delivers A Smarter Approach To IT

Over the course of these past three years, Veltec Networks has shown the SPT Microtechnologies staff how much simpler and more effective their IT can be. By applying proven best practices and industry-leading solutions, the Veltec Networks team has optimized SPT Microtechnologies’ IT environment.

“They’re a lot more structured in the way they organize things,” says Bernard. “They do a lot more stuff remotely, so in that respect, we’re a safer company.”

Before Veltec Networks, SPT Microtechnologies had issues with their on-site infrastructure. Their servers and other hardware were unreliable, and needed constant maintenance. Veltec Networks solved these issues by virtualizing all of SPT Microtechnologies’ infrastructure, achieving a much more reliable and robust foundation for their IT environment.

Veltec Networks Is SPT Microtechnologies’ One-Stop-Shop For IT

Since partnering with Veltec Networks, SPT Microtechnologies has enjoyed seamless and effective support for their entire organization. They can trust that no matter what IT issue comes up, big or small, Veltec Networks will be able to handle it for them.

“They have a complete approach to IT,” says Bernard. “I’m very happy with the service.”

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