Why San Jose Computer Users Need Strong Passwords

You use a key to unlock the door to enter your office building. To dial open a safe, you need a combination to unlock the box. You need a password to unlock the screen to gain access to your computer

Why San Jose Computer Users Need Strong Passwords

Key Points:

  • A risk assessment session revealed a huge password mistake.
  • Creating the best password uses numbers, letters, symbols, and passphrases.
  • If your password looks like this, please change it immediately!
  • This solution prevents trying to remember a long list of passwords.
  • We have this recommendation to build a more substantial wall of defense online.

You use a key to unlock the door to enter your office building. To dial open a safe, you need a combination to unlock the box. You need a password to unlock the screen to gain access to your computer. Each is your first line of defense; you have no access without them.

As we recognize National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, now is the best time for San Jose computer users to review their password strength. If you follow Duleep’s advice in today’s video, you won’t make this mistake he uncovered in a risk assessment session.

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What Is The Best Password To Use?

The best password to create must be unique and difficult to guess. Having a solid and hard-to-guess password prevents unauthorized access. That applies to your devices, IT system, and other access points that need guarding.

A good password must meet specific requirements. Included in that password use numbers and symbols such as #, $, %, or !, which should be ten or more characters in length. From the alphabet, use both upper and lowercase letters.

Another password creation method is using Passphrases. These are longer, more complex, and easier to remember but difficult to decode. Choose a phrase or saying you can remember, then break it down into an acronym, e.g., Green as the grass would convert to Gatg?#32WE!

If Your Password Looks Like This, Change It!

We understand why most want an easy and simple password to remember. But so do cybercriminals and hackers. Any time these individuals can access your system with little effort, they will steal every piece of information you want to secure.

The most significant password risk we uncover is the construction of the password itself. For instance, using only a single word, famous years, known family or friend names, or personal information such as an email address, phone number, or home address.

Avoid creating these types of password combinations to prevent access to your network or your sensitive data from getting stolen. And one last point, as Duleep showed in the video, never place your password where anyone can easily find it or see it.

How Can I Easily Manage All My Passwords?

Your password security is one of the most critical areas for your IT infrastructure and security. That means every piece of technology your company uses; your passwords protect those areas. Without those protections in place, your login credentials can easily get hacked.

Furthermore, your list of passwords continually grows when you add a new device, employee, email address, or something that needs a unique password. The best way to manage your list is by using a password manager app to create, use, and store your company’s passwords.

Here are some benefits when using a password manager:

  • Suggests stronger passwords
  • It prevents weak or reusing old passwords
  • No lost time resetting passwords
  • Easy to use in browsers and applications
  • Use password manager across multiple devices

Password Recommendation From Veltec Networks

As technology advances, hackers and cybercriminals develop strategic methods to break your IT network. That means you need stronger passwords to protect every access point in your organization. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is the time to inform, educate, and warn San Jose computer users on how to protect themselves better online.

Avoid using or creating weak passwords. Create the best passwords that build a more robust defense wall around your organization. And to keep it all organized, use password manager applications or software. These precautions and necessary steps can help keep your accounts, network, and online access safe and secure.

Veltec Networks has the experience and expertise to help you secure your data. We can also help you develop and implement security policies for your organization. Contact us today or call Toll Free at (855) 5-VELTEC to learn more about how we can help.

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