How to Switch San Jose IT Companies

You are not happy with the services of your current IT solutions provider and are probably sticking around, hoping that things will change. For how long are you going to hold on to that slim hope? Is it worth it jeopardizing your systems’ security and limiting your productivity?

How Hard Is It To Switch IT Companies?

Switching IT companies is nerve-wracking, and reasonably so. It is only right that you bid your time and wait for the opportune moment to make that big move.

However, there are certain red flags that you cannot ignore. Once you see them, then you know it is high time you sought another IT company or risked the health of your entire organization.

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Indicators That You Should Urgently Switch Your IT Company

  1. When the IT Solutions Company Only Fixes Broken Problems: When was the last time your IT solutions provider conducted a cybersecurity review of your systems? Do you have routine checkups and advancements of your networks to align with your goals and business framework? The right provider will occasionally inspect your computers, institute patches, and proactively device measures to protect your systems from cyber threats. A break-fix partner will only rack up your IT costs while endangering your networks even further.
  2. Constant Downtime: Gartner estimates that network downtime cost companies up to $5,600 every minute. Are you experiencing poor call qualities, slow browsing speeds, or pixelated videos? The chances are that your service provider is late again in updating their software tools. The irony is that you have settled your service bills on time and still have to pay for the IT company’s negligence.
  3. Baffling Cost Increments: The initial offer was so appealing, not until they started to nickel and dime you. You are now forced to spend more than you had budgeted for. Worse still, the service provider is not giving any convincing explanations to substantiate the hikes. The fact that you are not witnessing any improvements in service provision doesn’t make it any better.
  4. Poor Communication: Do you feel that your IT solutions provider is like a stranger to the company? Entering into a pact with an outsourced company to manage your networks is always hinged on trust. It is no mean feat allowing an external party unabated access to your files. The very basis of this trust is the ability to have your concerns listened to and addressed aptly. In most circumstances, underperforming IT firms tend to deliberate manufacturer communication gaps to evade accountability.

Poor communication may not be the main factor, but it is inarguably the most apparent indicator that you need to switch IT companies. Even the most mediocre service providers will try to cover up by promising improvements.

How To Successfully Switch IT Companies

With proper caution, the process can be smooth and have zero ‘casualties’. What should never escape your conscience as you are switching IT companies is the necessity to always safeguard your data.

Before you proceed with formalizing the transfer, ensure you consider the following cautionary measures:

  • Do not terminate your contract with the current IT solutions company — until it is certain that you have a reliable replacement in place.
  • Ask your current IT service provider to give you full administrative access to your network: While most switches are always trouble-free, you cannot miss a few IT companies that may try to frustrate you. This move may raise eyebrows with your service provider, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Backup your data: It may be too expensive and time-consuming to back up everything, but have at least two offline duplicates of your most essential files. The rest can be stored online in separate secure servers. This helps to mitigate inadvertent errors such as deletion or misplacement of data during the switching process. Some extreme cases have even seen malicious service providers intentionally doctoring or withdrawing some pieces of information from the system.
  • Discuss with other members of the organization about the planned switch: This should be done discreetly to ensure that that information remains within the enterprise. Seek their opinions about the new IT company, policies, and how you would like them to support the procedure.

Always remember that the preparation phase counts more than the actual switching process.

The final step is to request the new IT solutions provider to conduct a comprehensive security review of your networks. The assessment should mainly concentrate on identifying and patching any weak points and backdoors.

Once all these precautions are in place, you are now at liberty to inform your current IT services provider of the intended switch. In case you are revoking the contract before legal termination is due, refer to the SLAs and agree on the Break Fee upfront.

FAQs on Switching IT Companies

  • How Long Does it Take to Switch from One IT Company to the Other? This will always depend on how experienced the new team is in facilitating migrations, and your old partner’s corporation level. However, the process should not be hurried at the risk of exposing your systems to vulnerability.
  • How Expensive Is Switching IT Companies? What usually determines how high or low the transfer costs can be is the contents of the SLA from your previous contract. If your agreement is still far from termination, there is no harm in waiting until the breaking fee is bearable.
  • How Do You Find the Right Service Provider to Replace Your Current it Company? Source an IT firm that has substantive expertise and technicians well versed in IT management, like Veltec Networks.

As simple as the process looks, things can quickly go southwards if your new IT partner is not experienced in handling such procedures. Firms that have successfully switched IT companies have heavily relied on the competence of their new service providers.

Let Veltec Networks Help You Successfully Switch IT Companies

Staying with an IT service provider that is not fulfilling keeps you waiting for the next malware attack until it finally comes to happen. Do not wait for the worst to dawn on you, let Veltec Networks help you out.

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