Veltec Networks Provides The Cost-Conscious IT Services Your Technology Company Needs To Stay Lean and Mean.

The technology industry in the South San Francisco Bay Area has taken off at light speed as technology is driving nearly everything we do today.  However, as much as it’s in demand, the competition is fierce.  There’s a “new gang in town.” New, low-overhead startups are entering the market every day, working out of their garages, basements, anywhere they can set up a few pieces of equipment. How can your technology business compete with this new breed of competitor? — By getting lean and mean, streamlining your business processes, and reducing your IT overhead.

Veltec Networks can help. 

Outsourcing vs. In-House

Rather than hiring, firing, and paying in-house IT employees who take vacations, get sick and need benefits, you should be outsourcing your IT needs to Veltec.  When you do you’ll have to time to focus on your technology projects, plus save time, money and effort because you won’t need to recruit, hire and manage IT employees.

Cost Reduction and Predictable Budgeting

When you outsource your IT services and products you have more control over the money you spend.  Veltec provides a fixed monthly fee for our managed IT services and support. You can budget your IT costs more effectively because they’re predictable.  The savings from outsourcing can be used to grow your technology business instead. Outsourcing to Veltec Networks allows you to focus your resources where you need them the most.


Our services are scalable. There are times when you pick up a new project and have a higher need for IT services and support, and other times when you must scale back.  With a full-time IT employee(s) the only option you have is to hire and fire them.  Plus, you can access online hardware as a service (HaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) from Veltec, providing you even greater scalability and cost reductions.

Compete With The Big Guys

Veltec Networks can help you gain a competitive advantage over larger corporations. We offer the same expertise, services and solutions that previously only large enterprises could afford. Trying to do this on your own is expensive.  It means purchasing programs and hardware that are cost prohibitive for most small-to mid-sized businesses.  Our solutions help you compete with the big guys without straining your budget.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

By outsourcing IT services to Veltec Networks, you’ll be assured that your technology company will stay up and running, even in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.  Plus we’ll ensure the security of your of your proprietary and other data.  Our backup services function 24/7, are completed every 15 minutes, and store your data securely in an offsite location so you can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  We’ll monitor your network remotely to ensure it’s functioning at peak performance.

Security Against Cybercrime and Viruses

Your proprietary data is the livelihood of your business. With our managed security solution and its layered vault-like structure, cyber-intruders and viruses don’t have a chance.  Plus we can remotely patch and update all your anti-spam, anti-virus and firewall solutions to ensure complete security so you can sleep at night.

Your Technology Business Can Succeed With Veltec Networks As You IT Partner.

Veltec Networks provides all this and more, while providing you the highest quality IT services and support at an affordable price. This way you can stay “lean and mean” and compete with the “new gang in town.”

Contact Veltec Networks at (408) 849-4441 or email us at to book a complimentary IT review and consultation for your technology company!

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