It’s Imperative That You Have An IT Business Continuity Solution In Place

Before It’s Too Late!

Yosemite Fires and San Francisco Business(August 25, 2013) — A state of emergency has been declared for areas around Yosemite and for the City of San Francisco.  Raging wildfires along the northwest edge of Yosemite National Park are gaining in strength.  Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for mountain communities, as well as for San Francisco, as the wildfire poses a real threat to power lines and stations that pipe power to the city.  Two of its three hydroelectric power stations have been forced to shut down. Any further damage could have an effect on power availability, according to city officials.  If your business is in the San Francisco Bay Area, you must have a business continuity plan in place to save your critical data and keep your business up and running.

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan includes IT system backups, recovery solutions, project management, change control and help-desk support.  Business continuity solutions are implemented to ensure your critical business operations are functional in the event of power outages or property damage so you can continue to provide service to your clients, customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities you do business with.  A business continuity plan must be developed and implemented prior to a power outage.

The Benefits of Having an IT Business Continuity Plan

  • If a power outage does occur, the cost of disruptions will be significantly reduced with a business continuity solution in place.
  • Your data and IT assets will be protected.
  • Your business will be protected against serious downtimes. The best benefit of a business continuity solution is your ability to deliver services and/or products regardless of business disruptions.
  •  Your employees will be informed and know what actions to take. Plus, your staff will gain an awareness of business operations they didn’t have before.
  • The reputation of your company will remain intact.  If you’re able to continue functioning despite a disaster, your clients will see you as dependable and your reputation will be enhanced.
  • Your customers will feel more confident doing business with you when they see that you can keep your commitments and ensure the continuing quality of the services and/or products you provide.
  • It shows your investors that you take your business seriously, and that you’re prepared and ready to maintain productivity.
  • Your insurance company could view you more favorably knowing that you’ve done everything you can do to protect your business from a disaster.
  • Your competitive position will be maintained or even improved because you’ll be able to meet your contractual requirements, where others who aren’t protected won’t.
  • You’ll have and up-to-date backup of your data and IT infrastructure in an offsite data center, with simple and secure 24/7 access to your files via the Internet.

Planning and implementing a business continuity solution will prepare your business for a power outage or other disaster.  Don’t wait; call your San Francisco IT team today!

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