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Windows 10 Update Questions?

What To Expect From The Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Happy AnniversaryIn the beginning of August, Microsoft announced that it would launch an entirely new version of its Windows 10 operating system. As many users will attest to, the previous version of the system was riddled with inconsistencies, errors, and security flaws that caused companies to question its validity. The self-dubbed “Anniversary Update” is set to be rolled out to over 350 million users.

What Does The “Anniversary Update” Bring To Windows 10?
Within the coming weeks, you will receive a notification that the update is available for you to download. It is important to note that the download is free and should provide a number of improvements to both the Smart Menu and Cortana. In order to ensure that this update is in fact successful, Microsoft has acknowledged that it released upwards of 25 versions of the new software to its Windows Insiders. By gathering the feedback of Windows Insiders, Microsoft has adjusted the Anniversary Update to ensure that it is “the best upgrade to date.”

The new update brings the following features and improvements:

  • Improved Cortana — Cortana, the beloved albeit hard of hearing voice-activated assistant, is to receive a major upgrade with the new Anniversary Update. The service is supposed to become more intelligent by remembering details about the places or businesses that you’ve visited or looked up in the past. Cortana will now work when your PC is in “sleep mode” so that you can more easily update diaries and perform searches without ever touching your computer.
  • Boosted Start Menu — The original Windows 10 update received some praise when it brought back the iconic Windows Start Menu. This beloved fixture is now receiving a new update, which includes moving “All Apps” to the top level of the start menu. The reason behind this move is simple, users will now be able to gain quicker access to their full list of apps. The settings and power options will have a new, slimmer look, while tablets will retain their ability to switch into a hybrid mode, which will effectively expand the Start Menu to a full-screen view.
  • Enhanced Window Ink — Surface Book and Surface Tablet owners will discover new ways to use the Microsoft stylus pen. Windows Ink will now appear as a new option inside of the menu bar; its purpose is to allow users to gain immediate access to a range of new note-taking apps. The new apps include Screen Sketch, Sticky Notes, Sketch Pad, and Surface Pad.
  • Updated Security — Arguably the best component of the Anniversary Update is its new security protocols. The Microsoft Defender service can now be set up to automatically scan devices for malware infections. In today’s digitally driven world where data breaches and hacking incidents are daily occurrences, the improved security features are welcomed amongst all users. In addition to the Microsoft Defender updates, the Anniversary Update also introduces an improved Windows Hello. Windows Hello is the facial-scanning software that helps to keep PCs secure. The service will now be able to offer a more secure way to log in that cannot be easily compromised by cybercriminals.

Microsoft aims to restore faith in its Windows 10 operating system through the Anniversary Update. For any individuals or companies relying on Windows 10, the update is one that should be welcomed as a chance to continuously improve security across devices. It is important to note that failing to properly update software systems and devices is one of the easiest ways to open the door to hackers.

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