San Francisco Bay Area IT ServicesFor the past 13 years, Outforce LLC has helped high-tech start-up companies get off the ground and grow into prosperous entities. They provide them accounting and business-management advice, and venture-capital assistance. In the recent past, some of the companies that OutForce was associated with were acquired by CISCO, APPLE, Facebook and GOOGLE, to name a few. Outforce has around 35 employees, many of whom are CPAs and MBAs who need secure and reliable IT services to support their exceptional service.

Outforce Needed Security, Storage, Speed and Scalability

Outforce had been working with an IT provider but was unhappy with their service and high fees. They also needed more storage, speed and security, and the ability to get more support and scalability for their existing infrastructure so they’d have what they need as their business continues to grow.

They learned about Veltec Networks, Inc. from a colleague, who had personally known Veltec Network’s owner, Duleep Pillai, and after discussions Outforce knew that Duleep and his small, trustworthy business would suit their needs.

Duleep and His Team Rolled Up Their Sleeves and Got To Work

As security was a main concern for Outforce, Duleep and his team replaced their existing server with a new Dell server with more memory and disk space, along with Windows 2008R2 which eased their storage and speed concerns. They also installed a FortiNet Firewall, managed wireless access points with multiple SSIDs (service set identifiers), and migrated Outforce to a cloud backup.

Outforce needed to incubate their small on-site start-up companies from their operations. So Veltec Networks provided them with a guest-wireless access they could use without disturbing or accessing Outforce’s Wi-Fi service.

Outforce also wanted to transition from their original hosted server to Google Apps to save additional money.  Working in the high-tech industry, Outforce had contact with others who had successfully used Google Apps.  Veltec Networks manages their Google Apps Service for them as well.

When the project was complete, Bala Balakrishnan, one of the senior members at Outforce was extremely pleased with the service they received from Duleep and his team at Veltec Networks:

“On a scale of one to five, five being the best, I give Veltec Networks close to five. I would recommend them to other small-to-medium sized businesses that are looking for customized trustworthy service. We’re a happy customer!”

Veltec Networks continues to provide ongoing service to Outforce, as they:

  • Manage and Monitor their server with GFIMAX, and internal network,
  • Work as their point of contact with Internet Service Providers,
  • Manage Google Apps,
  • Manage and Monitor Symantec Anti Virus, their backups, peripherals, and Virtual Private Network,
  • Host their website,
  • On-board/off-board users,
  • Provide help with mobile devices, and
  • Test their cloud backup and other components of their IT infrastructure to ensure continual security, access and reliability.

Mr. Balakrishnan also referred Veltec Networks to his start-ups, and they are very pleased with Duleep’s service as well.  But what matters most to Duleep is that Mr. Balakrishnan and the team at OutForce are happy customers!

About Veltec Networks, Inc.

Veltec Networks, Inc., in San Jose, California, was founded in 2007, and is a Network Consulting and IT Managed Services Provider serving businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They provide Managed IT and Database Services, Network Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Reliable Customer Service. Their comprehensive portfolio of services offer clients increased productivity, cost-effective solutions, and the freedom to operate securely and successfully in today’s technology-driven world.  Their proactive IT management creates worry-free IT Solutions for their clients. Veltec Networks acts as their personal offsite IT Department so they can focus on their organizational goals rather than on IT.

For more information call Veltec Networks, Inc. at (408) 849-4441, or email them at: You can also visit their website at:

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