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Veltec Networks Develops, Deploys and Tests Your Business Continuity and Data Backup Plan To Ensure You Can Stay Up and Running.

  • What would happen if your technology were inoperable?
  • Would you be able to resume business operations?
  • Chances are that your business operations would come to a halt.

Your business operates in threatening times. With a diverse range of technology risks, including natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and software or hardware failures, a Business Continuity and Data Backup Plan is essential to minimize risks, protect your valuable data, and ensure your business can continue operating at usual.

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Veltec Networks specializes in developing, deploying and regularly testing Business Continuity and Data Backup Plans. To learn how, contact us at: (408) 849-4441

You and your staff must be able to access and recover critical data at all times. If data loss or theft occurs, your company may face expensive penalties and damage to your good reputation. With a properly designed Business Continuity and Data Backup Plan, you can always access and recover your data if a disaster strikes.

Veltec Networks Regularly Tests, Validates and Refreshes Your Business Continuity and Data Backup Plan.

Some IT companies develop and deploy a Business Continuity and Data Backup Plan for businesses like yours, and then “forget about it.” However, Veltec Networks is different. We know that it’s equally important to test, validate, and refresh your Business Continuity and Data Backup Plan on a regular basis.

We’ll Test and Validate by:

  • Interviewing your employees to assess their awareness regarding your plan.
  • Conducting regular drills to test the plan.
  • Reviewing drill results.
  • Monitoring and recording lessons learned.
  • Updating the plan accordingly.

We’ll Perform a Refresh by:

  • Determining the plan’s effectiveness, and resolving any issues.
  • Updating your plan when internal changes occur, such as when adding new employees or revising business processes.
  • Continually educating your employees. It’s critical for them to know what’s expected of them in the event of a disaster.
  • Incorporating new solutions into your Business Continuity and Data Backup Plan, as needed.

Don’t wait until the next disaster strikes. Veltec Network can develop, deploy and regularly test your Business Continuity and Data Backup Plan to ensure your business will stay up and running.


Call us at (408) 849-4441 or email us at for details.

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