Business VoIP Telephone Services In San Jose, CA (Questions/Answers)

You’ve shopped around, read all the online reviews, and talked with other CEO’s, business owners and decision makers, who have made the switch and upgraded. Every website you have visited, just about all of the IP telephony providers say; they are the best and offer low-cost savings.

Where To Find The Only Strategic VoIP Service Provider In San Jose, California?

The time has finally arrived. Your company has grown, and the budget is approved. You can now move away from traditional analog telephones and completely transition over to Voice Over Internet Protocol or (VoIP) phone services.

You’ve shopped around, read all the online reviews, and talked with other CEO’s, business owners and decision makers, who have made the switch and upgraded. Every website you have visited, just about all of the IP telephony providers say; they are the best and offer low-cost savings.

Which you, a savvy business owner knows, that is not possible. If all voice over IP providers were the best and offered low-cost savings, it wouldn’t need to be said. It would be common knowledge. The only question on your mind is, “Who is the most strategic VoIP service provider in San Jose, California?”

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Why Should You Consider A Strategic Partner And Not The Best? – You Be The Judge

The tell-tale signs of a shrewd voice over IP provider, separated from the rest of the, “We are the Best” pack, is revealed through their client’s phone planning mindset. Here are two example comparisons:

  1. The Best Mindset – “We offer cost effectiveness, value-added features without cost, great customer service, 24/7 support” and so on.
  2. The Strategic Mindset – “With your sales team having a large phone book, an expansion module will accommodate them. Your support staff will want to have call recording between them and client’s conversations along with on-hold music functionality. Your CEO and upper management will want secure VIP lines and call routing through a virtual receptionist.”

Both examples provide value. The choice between each depends on what you are currently looking for to fill a need. Comparing the two which would you choose – the Best Mindset or the Strategic Mindset?

When Choosing a San Jose, California Strategic VoIP Partner Prepare Your Answers

When you meet with a tactical voice over IP solution consultant there will be a round of questions they will ask. You will want to be fully prepared to give a barrage of answers and have your company’s phone data, staff phone users and other phone service lists available.

Below we’ve set up a judicious prep questionnaire with ten common questions to familiarize yourself with the process and what topics asked.

  • What kind of phone system(s) is your business using? – You may be using a traditional analog phone system, VoIP phones or a mixture. This answer will be crucial for the meeting.
  • If your system is VoIP is it hosted in the Cloud or sitting on-premise? – Surprising many CEOs and business owners do not know. If you don’t, this gives you a chance to get up to speed quickly before your meeting.
  • Who is designated to use the new phones? – With this question, you will want to have a flow chart set up, showing all staff users and potential future users. This data aids in the planning stage.
  • Will you have office-based workers, remote workers or both using your new IP telephony system? – In today’s business world, more companies use both types of workers. Which model is yours?
  • Do you have a total count of how many people will need a phone? – This question can be tricky if you don’t know. Just remember VoIP telephones allow for expansion and removal of services.
  • What features, and functionalities do your departments and staff need? – With this question, you will want to survey your staff beforehand and have a “what we must have” list ready.
  • Currently, how many incoming calls do you receive? – Knowing your call volume is critical. Here you’ll want to have the best guess of incoming calls at any given moment.
  • Is call routing to different offices or departments currently in use? – If you do not know, this is another piece of information you will want to find out and be up to speed at your meeting.
  • Who at your company knows the internet connection speed? – If no one knows, check with your internet service provider. They will provide the answer quickly. Always remember VoIP phones work exceptionally well with a stable internet connection and high-speeds.
  • What is your current phone expenses and planned IP Telephony budget? – Like the old saying, “know your numbers.” You want to know, what you are currently spending on phone services if the switch will reduce expenses, and how the new benefits and features will improve business performance.

Your Turn To Ask The Questions

If you are new to VoIP phone systems and through your research, have more questions than answers about the productivity features. The helpful staff at Veltec Networks, the only strategic VoIP service provider in San Jose, California are there and ready to answer.

Just remember plans come with tons of features, that you would typically have to pay for with traditional phone service. With voice over IP, most of these functionality features are free. Check with Veltec Networks to see what added elements come with their plans.

Are You Wondering What Advanced Calling And Productivity Features Are Available?

Some of the more popular features include:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Notifications
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Dial by Name
  • Do Not Disturb
  • E911
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Group Paging
  • Hunt Group
  • Number Portability
  • Music on Hold
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Voicemail

To learn more about Veltec Networks’ Strategic VoIP Partnership, Advanced Calling and Productivity Features, give them a call at (408) 849-4441, or send them an email at

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