Want 5 Times As Many Clients For Your Accounting Firm?

The research shows that accounting firms that harness the full potential of the cloud see a massive improvement in their client retention. Have you realized the power of the cloud?

The Cloud Can Help You Get Clients For Your Accounting Firm

According to recent research by Xero, the cloud can deliver five times as many clients to accounting firms as those who don’t use it. The fact is that the cloud offers accounting firms the ability to scale their IT resources with ease and cost-effect, allowing them to serve more clients and reach new markets.

Since its introduction to the business world, the cloud has quickly established itself as one of the most integral technologies in modern society. In the private and professional worlds, the cloud has delivered a range of benefits, from convenient access to data to cost-savings in hardware reduction.

That’s why so many of our accounting clients and CPAs are moving to the cloud. No matter what you think, the cloud has changed the nature of IT, and business as a whole. That’s why you need to understand it.

What’s The Point Of The Cloud?

The cloud is a network of technologies that allows access to computing resources, such as storage, processing power, and more. In addition to the statistic discussed above, you should be using the cloud for the same reasons that thousands of other accounting firms have already adopted cloud computing:

  • Convenient & Secure Data Access
    Your staff can more easily work, as the cloud gives them secure access to each and every client’s financial information.
  • Greater Cost-Effect
    Lower costs in terms of your facility as there’s no need to expand or relocate to better accommodate large equipment and/or added staff members.
  • Enhanced Client Communication
    Greater communication with clients in terms of providing them better access to their financial information.
  • Convenient Systems Management
    Improved productivity as there’s no need to disrupt your staff to make important updates to their systems.

The cloud enables you to enhance your profitability as you can serve more clients faster than ever before – so what are you waiting for?

The cloud is so popular today that so many specialized applications have been fully integrated with it. Moving your customized applications to the cloud simply means that you’re running them over the Internet rather than on your own computers or servers. Everything will work just as it does and look the same as it did when it ran from your computers or server.

The cloud is changing the way business technology works, proving to be a powerful resource for busy professionals that need more out of their technology. Having the right tools and support in place for your team can make all the difference for your firm as that technology continues to evolve.

Your concerns about the cloud made a lot more sense when it was new. It may still feel like a newer technology, but it’s really not. Years have been spent ironing out the kinks for cloud solutions – there’s never been a better time to get on board.

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