Cloud Data Management

Cloud Data Management

Going Beyond What Others Can Provide

Businesses in San Jose, and throughout The Bay Area, rely on cloud computing for the many benefits it provides. However, reliance on the cloud can only benefit your organization if it includes protections such as firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam filters, and mobile device management solutions. You must ensure the data stored, shared and transmitted via the cloud remain secure at all times. Veltec Networks can help.

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With our Cloud Data Management Services, your business can benefit from cloud computing and still have the protection and security you need. Contact us to learn how: (408) 849-4441

Our Cloud Data Management Provides:


Our team is expert in the implementation of sophisticated, state-of-the-art cloud computing security measures. We can monitor and maintain your network via the cloud to ensure only authorized users can access your data and resources. 


Your data will be accessible from any computer, regardless of your location. When you need to work long hours outside the office, you can access a variety of IT resources securely, wherever you have an Internet connection. You and your authorized staff can even edit documents in real time. We’ll ensure that only authorized individuals can access your files and resources.

Cost Savings

Your business will experience significant cost savings because you won’t have to pay for your own equipment and in-house expertise. This can also save you money on electric bills because you are using less power. And it can save you money on expensive office space since you’ll no longer need to house bulky equipment, or provide space for IT employees.


Your data can be obtained on demand. When you use Cloud Data Management Services from Veltec Networks, you can add storage, computing capabilities, or new features, on a cost-per-user basis. This way, you can scale up or down, as your IT needs increase or decrease.

Veltec Networks has the capability to go beyond what others can do as exemplified by our patent filing:

Our patent is a computer-implemented method that includes receiving a request to block a host, wherein the host provides a prohibited content via a computer network. It is a c spider program that can verify that the host provides the prohibited content. When this happens, an abuse route list can be generated. The abuse route list can include an Internet protocol address of the host. The abuse route list is provided to a network operator with a computer networking protocol. A search engine of a database of infringing hosts can be provided. The database of infringing hosts can include the Internet protocol address of the host. Whether the host provides the prohibited content can be re-verified with a third-party review. The host can be removed from the abuse route list if the third-party review determines that the host does not provide prohibited content.

Contact us to learn more, and find out for yourself how our Cloud Data Management goes beyond what others can provide.


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