Don’t Risk Exposure in Today’s Dynamic Data Threat Landscape

Traditional data protection strategies are no longer enough to keep your confidential customer data secure. Are you prepared for the onslaught of attacks headed your way?

Don’t Risk Exposure in Today’s Dynamic Data Threat Landscape

Traditional data protection strategies are no longer enough to keep your confidential customer data secure. Are you prepared for the onslaught of attacks headed your way?   

It’s not difficult to turn to your favorite news and information outlet and hear the horror stories of companies that are hacked, causing millions of dollars in damages. Even worse are the mega-enterprises that seem to be proficient at losing customer data: Equifax is setting aside $425 million for consumers affected by their breach, Yahoo has dedicated over $117 million to their hack-relief fund for consumers. While most data breaches will not cause your organization to require such an extensive fund available for consumer compensation, the impact on your reputation — as well as lost sales and diminished productivity — can haunt your corporation for years. Fortunately, there are ways to help protect your data even in today’s dynamic threat landscape.

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Limit Connections to Protect the Sanctity of Your Data

Each time you link your data to a vendor partner, a new software platform or even a new server, you are risking the possibility of a breach. Servers must be fully hardened and each vendor that receives your data should have the highest possible standards in terms of data privacy and security in place. What many companies may not realize is that any partners that receive your data may not be liable for data losses that are incurred, depending on any contracts that you have in place. The liability that you assume each time you share information with another entity cannot be overstated and should be clearly defined within any current or future contracts with your partners.

Data Awareness is a Critical First Step Towards Security

As companies grow organically, it’s not unusual to find that there are multiple business applications used for storing customer data. This could be everything from a marketing database to standalone shipping software and your customer relationship management (CRM) or financial suites. IT leaders may not even know about some of these locations, particularly if they are only being used by a specific team or even a single individual. Unfortunately, each of these various data locations is a separate potential risk that needs to be evaluated to ensure security is up-to-date and that all data compliance and security requirements are being followed. Otherwise, there is a significant possibility that your corporation could be either hacked by cybercriminals or hit with hefty non-compliance fees from the government — either of which could cause major distractions to the business. Finding a local San Jose computer network security company with experience working with data can help push your initiatives forward quickly and cost-effectively.

Get Assistance from a Leading San Jose Computer Network Security Company

Identifying, protecting and backing up your data requires a complex set of strategies and tasks that are likely to be difficult for an internal IT team to absorb along with their daily tasks. Since protecting your data is such a high priority for organizations, many companies in San Jose are turning to third-party computer network security companies to boost awareness of and protection for their data. Creating a more robust security posture means regularly identifying and limiting data access points to ensure your information is protected from internal as well as external threats. When you unify your security and compliance under the same banner, you are better able to define best-practices that will not only help reduce the possibility of attack, but also ensure that your company stays compliant with the latest government standards for data privacy and protection.

Keeping your data protection and compliance strategies in check will not happen without a dedicated focus to data integrity and security solutions. When you work with the team of professionals at Veltec Networks, you can be confident that you are receiving exceptional network security services with a proactive approach to data management. Veltec Networks specializes in compliance consulting and protecting the data and business systems of small to mid-size organizations throughout the San Jose area. Contact us at 408-809-0774 or via email to to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

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