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How a San Jose Computer Company Can Deliver HIPAA IT Consulting

Learn how a San Jose computer company can help your m-Health App development achieve HIPAA compliance. Valtec Networks takes HIPAA compliance seriously.

Learn how a San Jose computer company can help your m-Health App development achieve HIPAA compliance. Valtec Networks takes HIPAA compliance seriously.  

Veltec Networks is a San Jose computer company that provides HIPAA IT Consulting for its clients. This article covers HIPAA certifications for medical mobile applications. HIPAA certifications are important for medical mobile apps and help users feel confident that their data is secure. Learn what your m-Health App development should take into consideration for certifications and the major features of the European (GDPR) and U.S. (HIPAA/HSS) privacy acts.

What are the Laws Governing Mobile Health App Development?

Governments passed regulations to protect people’s privacy in cyberspace. This includes HIPAA, or the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and standards governing electronic data transmission, including GDPR and HL7.

HIPAA applies to healthcare and impacts almost any software used in the industry. GDPR is more general and provides rules for data transmitting and storing data.

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How Are the Laws Applied?

GDPR is a regulation that protects individuals within the EU and the European Economic Area. It places parameters around the exportation of personal data outside these areas. The GDPR gives individuals control over their personal data and simplifies the regulatory environment for international business.

Entities that control personal information have to implement technical and organizational measures to protect the data. Basically, no personal data can be stored unless the proper protections are in place and the data controller has received express permission and confirmation of consent from the individual impacted. The data subject can withdraw their consent any time they wish.

HIPAA was created to improve the effectiveness of the healthcare industry. It sets national standards for health and human services organizations to follow in regard to electronic health care transactions. HIPAA impacts unique health identifiers, code sets, and security. Congress included regulations that mandated privacy protections for the health information of individuals.

It’s important to choose a San Jose computer company that understands the intricacies of the federal regulations to ensure your organization remains in compliance with federal regulations.

What is HIPAA Certification?

There are numerous private companies that offer HIPAA certifications. However, there’s no federally required or recognized HIPAA certification process. Typically, a third-party vendor evaluates your organization’s HIPAA compliance against the Security Rule in section 164 of the act. Often, the external audit is preceded by a boot camp training seminar. Individuals in the organization receive training in how to effectively incorporate HIPAA and safeguard patient or client privacy.

For software developers and technical consultants, it’s important to choose organizations like Valtec Networks that fully comprehend and embrace HIPAA and other privacy act requirements. A third-party vendor who can advise your team on the intricacies of the law takes a lot of pressure off your internal resources and lets them concentrate on developing the app and running the business.

Keep in mind that, while there are many benefits to undergoing this process, there’s no official requirement to go through any kind of HIPAA certification.

Should My Organization Seek HIPAA IT Consulting?

Although there’s no requirement for internal or external certifications, there are many technical elements to HIPAA regulations that are best left to the experts. Even if you have hired a consultant or staff member to safeguard HIPAA compliance, it’s important to work with a technical team that will make sure any software or mobile apps your organization develops or uses are in compliance with the federal regulations.

Valtec security experts suggest that healthcare organizations vet out reputable technology companies with the requisite experience to help you build an internal infrastructure that’s up-to-date with the latest best practices.

How Does HIPAA Training Work?

HIPAA requires security awareness training for all employees. If you’re going to develop these materials internally, you may want to hire a San Jose computer company with experience setting up training software, including issuing certificates of completion and progress reports for the managers and leaders.

HIPAA training courses generally consist of specific slide shows, videos, and other learning materials that advice healthcare professionals of important HIPAA concepts and requirements relevant to their role.

Which San Jose Computer Company Provides the Best HIPAA IT Consulting?

Valtec is a San Jose computer company that provides HIPAA IT consulting that helps your organization follow the federal guideline. HIPAA compliance is written into your service contract. If you currently work with another computer company, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do the IT services you receive or provide meet HIPAA security standards for health information?
  2. Have you documented your privacy policies and procedures?
  3. Are your employees trained?
  4. Does your business have a Business Associates Agreement with communicated policies?

If your computer services provider hasn’t asked these questions, you could be at risk for HIPAA violations. Work with a San Jose computer company that protects your patient or user privacy — and helps you avoid hefty fines.

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