Why? — Because:

Network Security San Jose
  • 65,000 new Malware threats surface every day.
IT Security Services
  • Malware campaigns and cybercrime are a big business for hackers.
IT Support San Jose
  • These threats cost small and medium-sized companies like yours in stolen data and downtimes.
IT Services San Jose
  • If you haven’t been affected by Malware or cybercrime, it’s only a matter of time before you will be.

Businesses in San Jose and the Bay Area are finally realizing the importance of Information Systems Security.

One reason is because large companies can employ so much data protection that it encourages thieves to focus on small to medium-sized businesses like yours.

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Veltec Networks offers the protection you need—And for an affordable price.

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We provide the security solutions you require to keep your data safe, including:

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Wireless Security Services

Wireless Networking and Security.

We’ll set up your wireless network for complete security, so strangers can’t access your your confidential information.

Network Security In San Jose

Firewalls and Network Security.

We’ll use the most effective firewalls available today to guard against intruders who want to steal your private information and disrupt your operations.

IT Consulting in San Jose

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking.

We’ll systematically test and secure the systems on your network to ensure they are free from vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

Business Continuity and Data Back-Up

Business Continuity and Data Backup.

We’ll put a plan in place to ensure the recovery of your data after a disaster, no matter if it’s caused by Mother Nature or employee errors. This way, your business can stay up and running, no matter what IT disaster comes your way.

Mobile Device Management Services

Mobile Device Management & Security.

We’ll use state-of-the-art software, combined with our expert services, to protect and track your mobile devices, applications, and data, both when your employees are in and out of the workplace.

With these, and our other security measures, your business will be fully protected from cyber thieves and Malware.

Don’t wait until your business is affected. Get the protection you need.

Contact the Security Experts at Veltec Networks, Inc., at: (408) 809-0774 or info@veltecnetworks.com


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