What’s Your Plan for the End of Microsoft Server 2008?

What’s your migration plan for Microsoft Server 2008 End of Life? The end fast approaches, leaving sensitive data vulnerable. See how to start planning now.

Got a Plan for Microsoft Server 2008 End of Life?

It’s just around the corner now. Microsoft Server 2008’s End of Life is January 2020. Have you begun your migration?

Are you still running Windows Server 2003 or Hyper-V on a Windows Server 2008 R2 platform? Now’s the time to plan your migration. Why?

January 14, 2020… That’s the date to remember. Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2008 R2. It’s over. It’s done.

It’s imperative that you make arrangements to migrate now. It won’t be easy. But waiting until the last minute could cost you. IT companies will be booked up. Find your Microsoft Support in San JoseCA now, or pay the price later.

Once the deadline arrives, every version of Windows Server 2008 R2 will be unsupported:

  • Datacenter
  • Enterprise
  • Standard

Like most businesses, Windows Server 2008 R2 is likely intricately integrated into your critical operations. Being on an unsupported system puts business and customer data at significant cybersecurity risk. On top of that, you can’t afford downtime or disruption–both of which you can count on if you wait too long.

If you’re willing to pay the toll, Microsoft is willing to offer some security support post-deadline. But when you see the price tag, you’ll wish you’d gone the cost-effective, preemptive route. And going that route won’t change the fact that you must upgrade soon.

How Should You Prepare?

The path of least resistant — and risk — begins with arranging your transition to a more advanced system now. Some options include:

  1. The latest Windows Server/SQL Server – This is a decent decision in case you’re hoping to stay on-premises. But don’t forget! You’ll need to do a clean install because there is no direct upgrade path. You’ll have to update to Windows Server 2012 first to save settings.
  2. Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service. It’s a cutting edge option in contrast to their now outdated server. This choice not only protects you from the dangers of an operating system that’s unsupported. Microsoft Azure also offers many advantages (e.g., three extra years of vital security updates at no cost, numerous Microsoft Azure advanced features,)

Do You Need Expert Assistance With Your Migration Plan?

Let’s face it. End Of Life is a fact of life when it comes to technology. We have to figure out how to deal with it to succeed.

Regardless of what equipment, programming, or cloud services you use; in the long run, it’ll reach its “final breath”. You must stay up-to-date. That’s where Microsoft Support in San JoseCA can be of great assistance.

Knowing when these end dates are assisting you in making educated choices about when to upgrade or roll out different hardware or software improvements. Moreover, we will assist you with making these educated choices about when to upgrade so you don’t miss a beat.

Need assistance in overseeing End Of Life? We can help. Get Microsoft Support in San JoseCA, now.

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