Need An Oracle DBA In San Jose? 3 Reasons Why Veltec Is Your Best Choice

Oracle is one of the most complex databases in the world.

When you’re looking to someone to administer such a sophisticated system, you better find someone who really knows what they’re doing. A lot of DBA candidates will exaggerate their abilities just to get a job, and you won’t find that out until mistakes have been made and damage already done.

Here are 3 reasons why Veltec Networks is your best choice for your Oracle DBA in San Jose, CA.

  1. Communication Skills

It takes more than technical skills to be an effective Oracle DBA.

We not only understand IT, but we also how to explain what we do in language that C-level execs with little to no experience in IT can understand.

You don’t need a Computer Science degree to follow our advice. We’ll cut the jargon and get right down to what you need to know, what we can do about it, and how what we do will actually impact your business.

  1. Securing and Backing Up Mission-Critical Data Is Always First Priority

We’re nerds, so we love to build high-powered, quick as lightening databases.

But we won’t lose sight of the fact that securing and backing up mission-critical data is by far our most important role. Your data is your currency for doing business. It’s your lifeblood. Without it, you simply can’t operate. Protecting that information is always our first priority.

  1. We Won’t Cost You $100,000 A Year

Some in-house Oracle DBAs can do just about everything that Veltec Networks does. The difference is that an in-house DBA will require you to add a six figure salary to your payroll, and we won’t cost you near as much.

Sure, you might be able to find a DBA for around $50,000, but at that low a salary you’re likely dealing with some kid fresh out of high school with a little talent, sure, but no degree and no significant experience. In other words, you’ve got a DBA that’s more likely to make mistakes than others.

With Veltec Networks, you’ll get access to Oracle experts that are as educated and experienced as their high-end $100,000 – $250,000/year in-house counterparts. And we won’t even cost you as much as $50,000/year anyways.

We’re not just your most effective option: we’re among the most affordable as well.

Effective and affordable… that’s a tough combo to beat.

Contact us at (408) 849-4441 or for more information about our Oracle DBA and other IT services.

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