Searching For A New San Jose Computer Company?

Discover how a San Jose computer company can deliver expert advice, technology assessments and security services that help deliver exceptional business results.

Searching For A New San Jose Computer Company?

If you’re looking for a new San Jose computer company to support your business, it’s important to consider what services you need and what questions to ask.

Armed with the right information, you can select the San Jose computer company that will meet your unique business needs.

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What Are Some of the Computer Services to Expect from a San Jose Computer Company?

One of the best options when looking for a new San Jose computer company is managed services. When you invest in a managed services solution, you get an outsourced tech department at your disposal. Managed services save you money with a predictable monthly rate for the services you choose.

Among the most common managed services offered are:

  • Cloud hosting of your apps, data and systems, giving you and your connected users access to information and functionality no matter where they are or what device they’re using as long as there’s an internet connection.
  • Vendor management to coordinate licensing and warranty needs.
  • Automated updating of software and hardware, including patches, firmware updates, upgrades and other improvements designed to give you additional functionality and security.
  • 24/7 help desk support to answer users’ questions about software, hardware, servers and mobile devices. In the majority of cases, help tickets can be solved remotely.

How Do I Know What My Technology Needs Are?

One of the advantages of working with a San Jose computer company is the access to expert insights you gain. You can take advantage of virtual CIO services that help plan a roadmap for your technology needs.

A skilled virtual CIO will help you align your technology with your business goals, incorporate technology into your business processes and get the most out of your technology investment. The vCIO can also help you create a technology budget to make the investments you need at the right time. You can expect your vCIO to:

  • Understand your business and technology
  • Know your competition and the technology they use
  • Give you precise recommendations for solutions that drive success
  • Provide monthly reports, ongoing assessments and recommendations

With a vCIO at your side, you’ll make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes.

What Products and Issues Can a San Jose Computer Company Help With?

Technology evolves today at a rapid pace. To stay on top of changes and opportunities, you need experts that can help with the technologies you use or are considering. Here are a few of the areas where your computer company can provide perspective and solutions:

  • Compliance and regulatory mandates
  • Mobile device management
  • Employee collaboration and efficiency
  • Products such as Microsoft Office 365, VMware, Linux, Oracle and Microsoft Hyper-V

How Does a San Jose Computer Company Keep My Business Safe?

Hackers today target small- and medium-sized businesses, correctly guessing that those companies often do not have the sophisticated protections in place. A top computer company will assess your networks and systems to identify any vulnerabilities and recommend affordable and reliable solutions.

Your business needs to be protected at multiple levels. That means having a solution that includes:

  • Next-generation firewalls that protect your network from unwanted intrusions
  • Wireless network configuration and security to protect data and systems
  • Data backups that automate the protection of your critical information, storing data in multiple remote servers. Other backup services include disaster recovery and business continuity planning

What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing a San Jose Computer Company?

Sorting through all the program offerings and options among computer companies can be a challenge. To get more information that will guide your decision, consider the following questions:

  • What services do you provide? Be sure that you understand fully the services offered. If they do not provide what you think you need, be sure to ask.
  • Where are you and what is your service area? Some businesses claim to cover an area when in actuality they do not. That’s why it’s important to know where the company’s offices are located. Can they get to your San Jose location reasonably? Will your company have to cover traveling expenses?
  • What is your company’s background and experience? You need a computer company that has been around the block a few times, with a clear understanding of the kinds of challenges you’re facing.
  • Who are your customers? References are essential when choosing a new computer company. Ask to speak with customers that are similar to yours regarding industry, needs and size.
  • What are some industry best practices that you follow? Your computer company should be able to answer this question with confidence, providing examples of their certifications, partnerships and industry group memberships.
  • What is your approach? Your San Jose computer company should be able to articulate their process for understanding your business and computer needs. Ask about how they approach the discovery phase of their work, put in place a project plan and deploy solutions. You need to understand how your computer company will interact with you and your employees.
  • What is the cost? Some MSPs have various packages and fee structures that are not always clear. If you are purchasing a bundle of services. Be sure you understand what’s included and what is not. For example, is on-site help included or an additional charge? What are the fees for consulting or cybersecurity solutions?
  • How long does it take? If you are to sign a contract with a new computer company, how long will it take to complete an assessment, procure and install solutions and leverage any new technology? You want to move fast and want a computer company that can keep pace.

The answers to these questions will give you insights into whether the computer company can provide what you need.

Veltec Networks is the San Jose computer company of choice for businesses throughout our area. With an array of services, consulting and security solutions, we help companies use technology to their advantage. To schedule an initial consultation with San Jose’s leading provider of computer services, contact us today.

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