How To Switch IT Companies (Your Practical Guide)

Very many organizations are not happy with their current IT service providers but stay with them nonetheless. Why? There is a timeless systemic belief that switching of IT companies is a risky intricate process that causes disruptions costing you business.

Switching IT Companies Is Easier Than You Think

But, is it really that hard to switch IT companies? Is it worth the risk? Which one is better; between staying with an incompetent IT supplier that limits your growth and risking to transition to better service provision? Of course, you must be thinking, “what if the new support firm turns out to be even worse.”

Here is the thing: switching IT companies can be tricky, but it can also be easier than you think.

The trick lies in identifying the potential threats as you transition and proactively preparing to avert them. We are going to look at some of the major risks, and guide you on how well to stave them off. At the end of the read, you will understand that migrating from one IT company to the other is not as hard as you’ve been made to believe.

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How To Switch IT Companies

Understand The Risks That Come With Switching IT Companies And How To Avert Them

Here are some common threats that you are likely to encounter during the transition…

Ending Up With The Wrong Service Provider

It can be daunting to weather the risks of transitioning only to end up with a support company whose performance is even more miserable. Although this is not a common phenomenon, it could result from failure to do proper background checks on the prospects.


  • Do Not Just Rely On The Glossy Testimonials On The Prospects’ Online Pages: Ask for references to current or former clients, and use their reviews to make informed decisions.
  • Know What To Look For When Seeking A Substitute: The right IT service provider should not only exhibit substantial investments in infrastructure and expertise but also experience in facilitating transitions. Most executives fail to consider the financial stability of prospects. Just from their financial status, you can figure out the number of firms they support and their client-retention rates. In any case, you wouldn’t want to contract a service provider if they are at the brink of collapsing.

You May Experience Loss Of Data

This is one of the greatest fears for most business owners or leaders. Data has grown over the years to become every organization’s most valuable asset. Aside from accidental deletions, your files are vulnerable to external interference as you are transitioning. If you are not hacked, it may be one transfiguration error that locks you out of your networks.


  • Backup Your Files: It could be too expensive to have offline duplicates of all your data, but at least have a pair of the most critical documents.
  • Engage An IT Company With Experience In Handling The IT Company Switchover: Engaging an IT supplier that has a background in helping history in handling migrations also limits human-error-related risks like misconfigurations or deletions.

Creepy Former Service Providers

Again, this is not prevalent, but you cannot miss a few support companies that would want to frustrate you. There have been extreme circumstances where rogue suppliers withhold or completely obliterate pieces of information to distract clients from switching. Another infamous tactic is invoking stern exit clauses, such as demanding you to settle hefty breaking fees.


  • Check For Backdoors To Your Systems: The new service provider must institute a thorough examination of your systems before you formally make your intentions known. Instruct them to concentrate on identifying any potential cracks that can be used to infiltrate your networks and seal them.
  • Get Admin Access To Your Network: The other similarly essential precaution is to ensure you have unabated admin access to your systems. This enables you to monitor the network for any malignant transactions.
  • Get A New IT Supplier In Place Before Notifying Your Current IT Company: Do not make the mistake of notifying your current supplier of the plan to migrate before you have a new team in place. Once again, backups and the guidance of an experienced service provider will come in handy.
  • Always Cross-Check With The Contract SLAs: Especially the break clause, for the termination conditions before making any moves. In case the terms are too restraining, you might consider waiting for the contract to end legally.

Extended Network Downtime

The metrics for measuring productivity have been leaning more on the amount of production time, in the recent past. Almost every firm has the latest technology and knowledgeable technicians. What gives you a competitive edge is the time you spend in actual production. Besides, downtimes are very costly. The Ponomon Institute quantifies an average damage cost of $7900/minute of network downtime.

It is for these reasons that executives are wary of even the slightest snarl-up in operations. If not well planned and precisely executed, switching of IT companies can breed unnecessary protected downtimes.


  • There Are No Two Ways Out: The solution is to be careful in selecting your new service provider.

Get Expert Help Migrating To The Number One IT Service Provider In The Bay Area

Are you experiencing any of the following complications?

  • Perennial network downtime.
  • Poor call qualities or pixilated videos.
  • Unexplained increments in service bills.
  • A service provider that does not include you in critical decisions regarding your network.
  • Data breaches or cyberattacks.

Let Veltec Network Solutions help you. The longer you stick to an underperforming IT service provider, the more you limit your prospects of scaling and meeting your aspirations.

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