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Secure Wireless Networking

Prevent Unauthorized Access To Your Company Network With A Secured WI-FI Network Setup By Veltec Networks.

With continued advances in technology, wireless accessibility is increasingly being used in both office and public environments. This may make it easier for your employees to work from their mobile devices, however, if not adequately designed, installed, maintained and tested, this also gives hackers the ability to launch attacks on your wireless network. This means that they can eavesdrop, access, and even tamper with your wireless transmissions!

Veltec Networks can help. We setup and support Wireless Networking & Security Solutions that prevent unauthorized access to your business network, systems and data. To learn how, contact us at: (408) 849-4441 or info@veltecnetworks.com

Our Wireless Networking & Security Services Include:

  • An Initial Assessment: We’ll consult with you about your business to determine the best wireless networking solution to meet your unique needs.
  • Design and Implementation: We’ll design a system that provides the infrastructure, management and mobile security solutions you require. Plus, we’ll deploy cutting-edge wireless technologies with installation and configuration that ensures complete security.
  • Systematic Testing: We’ll provide comprehensive diagnostic services to ensure the continued security of your wireless network.
  • Training: We’ll get your staff up and running on your new wireless network, and be there for them if they experience any issues or concerns.

Stop unauthorized users from accessing and tampering with your wireless communications!

We’re now experiencing fewer risks and less downtime with the Hosted Exchange. We’ll soon be going to a remote server setup to ensure business continuity and to provide a better backup solution and additional security. Duleep continues to add layers of security as we need them.

Technology Startup
Technology Startup

Contact our Wireless Network Experts to schedule a consultation for your business. Simply call (408) 849-4441, or email us at: info@veltecnetworks.com

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