What To Look For When Searching For Oracle Consulting in San Jose

Companies across San Jose are currently using or considering Oracle IT Solutions for their business process management or ERP. But if a company wants to get the most benefit from their Oracle solutions, they’re going to need an Oracle Consultant to help them implement, maintain, or upgrade those Oracle applications.

Companies across San Jose are currently using or considering Oracle IT Solutions for their business process management or ERP. But if a company wants to get the most benefit from their Oracle solutions, they’re going to need an Oracle Consultant to help them implement, maintain, or upgrade those Oracle applications.

Oracle solutions aren’t like a simple, plug and play Microsoft Office 365 subscription. To leverage Oracle applications a company is going to need to partner with an IT professional who will:

  • Design strategies that best utilize Oracle functionality
  • Implement Oracle solutions using industry best practices
  • Lead in project management and consulting
  • Work to utilize Oracle solutions to give the company more security, mobility, and efficiency.

Oracle Consultants such as those at Veltec Networks here in San Jose use Oracle solutions to enhance a company’s workflow with a single application or to revolutionize a company’s ability to be efficient with a complete solutions roadmap.

Companies that have worked with Oracle products for a while know that Oracle has done a great job of expansion through innovation, integration with strategic partners, and research.

Today, Oracle is doing business in 175 countries across the globe and boasts more than 430,000 customers. Those customers happily work with Oracle to get leading offerings such as:

  • Platform as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • Data as a Service

Oracle products can be found in organizations of all sizes, both in the public and private sector and across most industries and geographies.

Oracle has a special focus on small and medium business, according to their CEO, Safra Catz, “Seventy-five percent of our 400K+ customers are actually small-to-medium-sized businesses. We believe that small-to-medium businesses have to get the opportunity to harness this technology at the lowest possible entry point.”

Oracle has a set of solutions aimed at small and mid-size business. These solutions can be grouped into four main categories: Oracle Finance Solutions, Oracle Customer Experience (CX) solutions, Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions and Oracle IT Cloud.

Oracle Finance Solutions for SMBs

Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud make up Oracle’s Finance Solutions for SMBs. A company that makes use of Oracle Finance Solutions gets a powerhouse of innovation in the areas of:

  • Planning and forecasting
  • Tax reporting
  • Accounting
  • Risk management
  • Project planning and financial management
  • Financial close
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Revenue recognition

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud is an end-to-end Software as a Service suite that manages enterprise operations such as procurement, project management, financial management, and accounting.

Oracle EPM Cloud

Planning and budgeting that scales with a business is the function of Oracle EPM Cloud. For finance professionals in the SMB space, Oracle EPM cloud offers the flexibility of using any mobile device and a full-featured, user-friendly interface. Companies can budget, forecast, and plan in a way that meets today’s criteria and enables tomorrow’s objectives.

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Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

The relationship a company has with their clients is critical. Enabling staff to deliver outstanding customer experience is key to fostering those relationships and leveraging them toward future deals. Oracle Customer Experience Solutions help businesses do just that.

Oracle CX solutions are integrated with Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Services Cloud, and Oracle Commerce Cloud.

  • Oracle Sales Cloud – To close more deals and keep pace with the competition, employees that deal with clients on a daily basis must have the appropriate tools. Oracle Sales Cloud is a cloud-based sales solution that is holistic in its approach, integrated with the other Oracle solutions, and equipped to operate on mobile devices. With this toolset, sales teams can lead potential clients through the sales funnel to the new client onboarding experience.
  • Oracle Services Cloud – Customer loyalty is dependent on a company’s ability to effectively deliver services and meet client expectations. Oracle Services Cloud enables service teams to do just that. Leveraging a variety of channels, Oracle Services Cloud increases customer loyalty by enabling customer service teams to use mobile technology to meet their clients’ anywhere, on-demand requirements.
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud – Keeping expenditures under control and being first to market is critical. Without Oracle Commerce Cloud, these objectives are harder to attain. Oracle Commerce Cloud gives a company’s team the ability to innovate with e-commerce and pursue pro-growth goals. This is done through the creation of personalized shopping experiences that are customizable, secure, scalable, and user-friendly.

Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions for SMBs

Managing human resources is always a challenge for organizations. Oracle Human Management Capital Management Solutions make that challenge just a little bit more manageable. Some of the advantages provided by Oracle HCM Solutions are:

  • Utilize the flexibility to deal with differentiated payroll requirements and complex compensation plans
  • Enable compliance and encourage accountability
  • Make informed decisions based on vital information gathered from asking the hard questions and quantifying the answers
  • Find, hire, train, and keep the most talented employees available
  • Develop and undergird the effort to have a diverse, efficient, and productive working environment
  • Leverage developing markets – domestically and internationally

Oracle HCM Cloud is composed of Oracle Global HR Cloud and Oracle Talent Management Cloud.

·       Oracle Global HR Cloud

·       Oracle Talent Management Cloud

Oracle IT Cloud for Small and Mid-Size Business

Oracle cloud enables a business to harness the power of cloud infrastructure and scale within the cloud as the company’s needs increase. This important solution enables your company to:

  • Move processes into the cloud and run workloads
  • Merge cloud applications and services with on-premise applications and services into seamless functionality
  • Maintain and control security policies in a hybrid data center environment
  • Utilize Oracle ERP CloudOracle HCM Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud applications, or Oracle EPM Cloud

Oracle IT for SMBs is composed of two main offerings:

What should you ask your Oracle Consultant in San Jose?

What is your partnership level in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN)?

Not all Oracle partners are created equal. Oracle Partnership Program is called the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). Partners can achieve one of four levels. Each level represents the level of expertise the partner has achieved. The levels are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Remarketer.

Who are your reference customers?

Reference customers are so satisfied with the support provided by the San Jose Oracle Consultant that they are willing to share their experience with others. Achieving this kind of relationship takes time and is only possible when providing excellent service.  So, make sure your Oracle Service Provider, has some satisfied customers.

What methodology do you use to manage your projects?

There are different ways to manage an IT project, the most traditional ones are based on the PMBOK by the Project Management Institute, others are known as agile project management methodologies, those include: SCRUM, Lean Development, etc. Make sure your Oracle Service Provider uses a methodology that is based on industry best practices and is compatible with the way your organization handles projects.

What are the certifications of your team?

Certifications are usually a good way to evaluate the experience and knowledge of a professional. Oracle has an extensive set of certifications for its different product lines.  Make sure the professionals working for your Oracle service provider have relevant certifications for the project at hand.

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